Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Cancel Australian and New Zealand Tour

John in Dublin - Sept, 2013
Fleetwood Mac, who has just completed the European leg of their phenomenally successful worldwide tour, has announced the cancellation of their upcoming 14 date tour of Australia and New Zealand.

John McVie, one of the co founding and original members of Fleetwood Mac, is now scheduled to be in treatment for cancer during that period of time.

The band have released the following statement:

"We are sorry to not be able to play these Australian and New Zealand dates. We hope our Australian and New Zealand fans as well as Fleetwood Mac fans everywhere will join us in wishing John and his family all the best.”

Live Nation Australia wish John Mcvie a full and speedy recovery, and regret the disappointment that this announcement will cause for the band’s multitude of Australian fans.

Ticket refunds will be available to all ticket holders as from Monday, October 28.

For all tickets booked online or by phone, the refund will be refunded automatically to the credit card used in purchasing the tickets. Please allow up to 10 days to receive your refund.

If the original credit card you used for the purchase has been cancelled or is no longer valid please contact the place of purchase.

If you made your booking at an outlet please return to the original outlet where the tickets were purchased with your ticket(s) and with the credit card used to make the purchase in hand in order to obtain your refund. Refunds will be provided to the original purchaser only on presentation of photo ID.

Fleetwood Mac 

John... We wish you nothing but the best and a full and speedy recovery!

Some of the coverage on John - pretty much the same public statement as above.

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  1. Either they are cancelling or Christine is going to join the crew on stage. What do you guys think?

  2. Gutted. Get well John.

  3. please don't cancel ! please,please , gutted !!

  4. Poor John McVie. I noticed in some of the paparazzi shots of him recently that he didn't look like he felt well. My grandpa died from lung cancer...cancer sucks :(

    I wish you all the strength of Excalibur, Mr. McVie

  5. So sorry to hear that John is ill! Sending prayers and well wishes his way.

  6. it is a hoax, all social media comments have been taken down, tour is green light

  7. How exactly do you know that? ^^^^^^ Looks to me hes sick and its cancelled, I want to hear from the promoter of the tour

  8. Promoter of the tour keeping everyone in suspense else trying to find out the facts. You would not think that this would be announced while the band were on stage in Amsterdam. Fingers crossed it is just a cruel hoax or fingers crossed John will get through this if it is true.

  9. The promoter needs to let us know NOW !!!! this is ridiculous making us wait , some of us have spent thousands on tickets and airfares .

  10. The only thing we can do is send John lots of love and light and, as stated previously, wish him all the strength in the world. He's an intricate part of rock history.

  11. Everyone needs to slow down a bit and think about this with some common sense. If they were indeed canceling such a major leg, the BAND would make the official announcement. It wouldn't be left to some promoter of 3 dates in New Zealand.

    When the band cancelled a few shows in the states, the announcement came from the official website, not the promoters. Beyond that, the rumor stems from a post on the band's Facebook page, which was very promptly removed. If you check out the band's official website, there is no indication of any cancellation or illness, which is where the announcement would be.

    The promoter is going to make a press release in regards to the rumors of a cancellation. The press release has been delayed because the promoter is waiting to hear from management, which she probably can't get ahold of because they are probably all in a airplane over the Atlantic right about now. Another thing to think about is that Ken Callait made a comment in an interview just last week indicating that the band is lining up more dates in 2014 and that Christine may join them for more shows next year. Maybe this is why she is still hanging around (she was seen with them earlier today).

    Just saying...don't get too worked up over information stemming from everywhere but the band itself.

  12. Please don't cancel the Australian shows. Australians fans have been waiting all year to see Fleetwood Mac and Stevie. When will someone say something what is going on ? Lotsa love John

  13. Guys this is a hoax. A sick and disgusting hoax, but a hoax indeed. This promoter is scrambling for information to confirm or deny the announcement that briefly appeared on Facebook (really??) before someone did some quick damage control to take it down. Does everyone really think it's going to be left up to some promoter to make an announcement of this magnitude??

    They're going to be in Australia. Stevie just scheduled a couple premiers of In Your Dreams and some Q&As while she is there.

    Probably some pissed off fan at the 2-hour-delated Amsterdam show just causing trouble...

  14. Tiket Tek Australia is getting absolutely flooded with calls , Not good.

  15. If it's true about John McVie, I am so, so sorry. I have had years of listening to this band and love them so much. I have never been to a concert in my life (60 next year), so my first concert was going to be Fleetwood Mac, so it is way up there for me. My first concert and it's F.Mac, that is close to God for me. All this is thanks to my daughter and her friend.
    However above and beyond all that I would be happy to give up my seat, if it meant John Mc would be okay. Love, light, lots of good healing and hugs to you John xxx (that's if it's true - if not I send it to you anyway to thank you for years of soul-touching music)

  16. Please don't be true :( my thoughts are with John and his family and friends. Hoping this is just a cruel joke

  17. One of the Australian Venues has contacted my workplace to inform us that it has been cancelled.

  18. John is getting cancer treatment. It's on twitter.

  19. The news us back up on FB again too.

  20. It is on Fleetwood Mac's facebook page that Australia and New Zealand tour cancelled.

  21. My prayers to John McVie for a quick recovery. As for the AU and NZ fans I don't know what to say. If I were in your shoes I would be nauseated with disappointment. So very sorry. Hopefully, John will recover soon and the band could go back to see you all. This is terrible news for both the fans and the band, but most of all for John and his loved ones. Get well soon John, we are rooting for you!

  22. Since the cancellation of the tour is now being picked up by a lot of Australian online newspapers, it is obviously true. And I must say, I absolutely cannot believe some of the insulting comments left on this most sad day. Why anyone would think Fleetwood Mac would release a statement like this if it weren't true is beyond me.

    As to the illness of John McVie, my heart goes out to him, his family and all of the Fleetwood Mac family. Most everyone in the world has lost someone close to them from cancer and I certainly hope John beats wins his battle with this horrible decease.

    John is the backbone of Fleetwood Mac and I always thought his bass playing was the singular most amazing thing about the recording of many of their songs. Most notably of course is "Rhiannon" in which his playing is fantastic. And also on "Dreams", "Go Your Own Way", "The Chain". "Beautiful Child", "World Turning" and so many others.

    God speed his quick recovery or this will in deed be the end of an era for us all.

  23. Wishing John all the best & a speedy recovery.. I feel totally devastated, been waiting such a long time to see F/M in OZ.. In tears & wishing this was just a bad dream & not for real :((((

  24. I feel so sorry for those in Australia and New Zealand who were excited to see the band live, but I am so sad to hear that John has cancer. It happens to everyone that deserves it the least and to everyone that is good in this world and it's just not fair. My heart goes out to John, the band and his family. I really hope this treatment works and that everything will be OK in the future.

    And I am so disgusted and ashamed of the people who have been posting horrible comments. Who cares if you saw 15 US shows because you're such a 'hardcore' fan? Some of us can only afford to see them once (I was lucky enough to see them in Birmingham last month, but you don't see me showing off about it). As far as I'm concerned, those are the real fans, and if you were a real fan you'd respect the band's decisions and wish John all the best. Because if this goes in a different direction, you won't see another show at all! Dick.

  25. Poor John, heres wishing for a full and speedy recovery. My prayers are with him and his family. Such sad news. God bless,

  26. Im disgusted , the promoters knew the whole time john was sick and still took tickets from Australians and as usual left us last on the tour . I hope john gets better i do , but i am guttered and absolutely pissed off at the promoters ! shame , and i have one very sad mother inlaw , who is also very sick and it was her last chnace to see them and her life time wish . sick of the u.s and europe always coming before australia and new zealand. TicketTek better refund our money quick smart or there will hell to pay ! Lost air fares and everything . Never again !

  27. Dear Anonymous,

    John's prognosis is very good. He will most likely make a full recovery. He's got excellent doctors - arguably the best in the U.S.
    They have decided that he needs to undergo treatment immediately, which means he won't be able to stand on stage playing bass for 3 hours. Or travel from city to city night after night.
    So let's not make it about you or your uncontrollable narcissism.
    John will recover and life will go on for you too, with or without your Fleetwood Mac tickets.
    Grow up and show a little humility.
    And maybe a little empathy/sympathy.

  28. I have tickets for las vegas show and I totally understand if they do cancel the show there too ' johns health comes first and far most to him. I have airfare tickets to las vegas from NH.

  29. ^^^Yes more empathy is needed but you need to see the other side of the coin too. People who anticipated this concert for so long are really, really bummed out. At this point they are not focusing on the reason the tour is cancelled, but the fact that no matter what they will not enjoy FM this time around. A little sympathy is in order for these fans who will miss out on this tour, which could have been FM's last anyway, despite John's situation. Let the fans mourn the loss of this unique experience without judgement at least for a little while, because it really is hugely disappointing for them. They will come around soon enough and realize the necessity of cancelling the tour, but for now most fans can't rationally process this news. Best wishes to John.

  30. John's Cancer IS NOT a HOAX. The Cancer he has is very harsh with low surviving outcome. Please respect him/his family.

  31. One poster claims "John's prognosis is very good", while a few posts down another says "the Cancer (sic - it shouldn't be capitalized) he has is very harsh with low surviving outcome (sic)." Who are the sources for these conflicting stories? To make such sweeping statements without citing a source is irresponsible - especially is such a sensitive situation.

    If you're going to claim insider information, please be credible. Otherwise, it just adds to the fog of it all and trivializes John's illness.

    Love to John - if thoughts and prayers matter at all, you've got mine as well as so many others in the FM community.

  32. Gutted as I've had my health issues the last 3 months being in and out of hospital. Seeing them was going to be a highlight. Sad for John and me now. I know it's wrong for me to be sad.

  33. No its not wrong for you to be sad. This band and its members means so much to so many people, and I can totally relate to how much that concert meant to you. Its a very sad day. I'm just praying for his recovery.

  34. John..our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. Keep a positive attitude like you do when you're on stage. There is so much yet for you to do here my friend! (doc)

  35. John you are in my prayers! I am so sorry!!! I pray that you will have a quick recovery. Take Care and God Bless You!!!

  36. I'm gutted, but send John and family all the best for his speedy recovery. We can only hope that they will try to finish what they started and come down here to Oz PLEASE Fleetwood Mac, we love you and your music.
    Get well soon John xx

  37. I'm so sorry for John that he's ill with this horrible disease. Everybody has had at least one encounter with it, and we all know it's awful and could potentially kill him. I don't know what kind of cancer he has, and what the treatment entails, but I hope he recovers 100% (however that's not possible for all cancer sufferers). Perhaps they will plan new shows in Australia and NZ, who knows? I was very fortunate to be at their last show in Amsterdam, and it was magical (even though they showed up 1,5 hrs late and skipped 4 songs because of the delay). Now when I look at the videos from that night, I'm thinking... they knew. They stood up there on stage, knowing that one of them was dangerously ill and that they would not be traveling to Australia. It explains a bit the mood of the show, why Stevie got emotional. Again, I'm so, so sorry for all the fans who are missing out, but the most important thing is that John gets better.