Sunday, November 03, 2013

Mojo Interview: Stevie Nicks "The Texas kid who became a “Fleetwood Mac rock star"

Mojo Interview: Stevie Nicks (Dec 2013)
Interview by JAMES McNAIR

The Texas kid who became a “Fleetwood Mac rock star”, Stevie Nicks has survided romantic pain, chemical excess and a night in Prince’s purple kitchen. Her secret? “Being mysterious is very attractive.”

WITH ITS VIEWS OF THE: PALATIAL architecture along London’s Victoria Embankment, the Corinthia hotel is a very Stevie Nicks establishment. Formerly the Metropole, it was once home to saucy wartime liaisons and secret (service) assignations. However, there was a time when the penthouse suite’s current occupant could have trumped any of the Metropole’s former residents for illicit adventure…

“I was up at 6.30,” says Nicks, by way of introduction, cursing her jet lag in a low drawl. “I don’t do early” This is not as inauspicious a start as it might first seem. Even at 65, and after countless interrogations over the years, Fleetwood Mac‘s femme fatale still loves to unpack the details of her epic life. ”That ‘s why I’m here,” she says, her soft brown eyes peering over dark tinted glasses. She pulls up a footstool and draws a cushion to her chest. “That’s why I got the fireplace so sweet for us.”

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  1. Fun interview. Covers a lot of familiar ground, but fills in some details I never knew, like how Jjoe,s daughter died.

  2. Most of it is the same old regurgitated interview of yesteryear, but it is - for the most part - a fun interview. I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Great interview!

  4. This is a good one, and I've read a BUNCH of them. Fills in some details. Never heard the Prince story about her making the FMac plane the next morning. Good interview.

  5. Never heard her say that she was curious about why Joe just went to Australia.
    Also never heard her admit that she told Lindsey she has warmth and respect in her life and is tired of the treatment, so to speak. Interesting stuff.

  6. Texas girl? That's a stretch. Born in Arizona and raised mostly in California...whateveh!

  7. I think the accompanying photos are the best studio shots of Stevie in quite a while. She looks her age but she still looks fantastic. Keep that photographer Stevie!!!!

  8. Stevie lived in Texas for five years as a child, something I didnt know untill I saw the Houston Tx. concert last summer.