Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years Eve: Fleetwood Mac Live in Las Vegas


Fleetwood Mac's second show in Vegas this year was much like their first in terms of set list (see below) and staging. They brought their well oiled machine back to the MGM Grand Arena for a New Years celebration that turned out to be even more special with John McVie back up on stage for the first time since the tour was side-lined in October at the end of the European dates. Hope he's doing well and I'm sure this show was great for his spirit.

One short video clip of the tail end of Gold Dust Woman is a must see!... Stevie once again, in just a few brief moments is electrifying on this song!  So glad she kept up the extended version of the song, I love it! Check it out here: GOLD DUST WOMAN

Not sure if the hidden track (Without You intro) was still in the set list tonight.. Maybe someone that was at the show can confirm.

Dedications tonight: Stevie dedicated "Landslide" to Katy Perry and John Mayer (see below). Lindsey dedicated the last song of the night "Say Goodbye" to Stevie which brought tears to her eyes... Sweet!

One notable wardrobe change for Stevie... During Gypsy, she was rockin' the tall beige boots with her black outfit.

Fleetwood Mac have two more shows in Las Vegas. Dec 31st again at MGM Grand for a private New Years Eve party put on by the MGM Grand. Plus on January 8th at the Paris Hotel for the Monster CES Awards ceremony.

Thanks to everyone that shared photos and video clips... Very cool of ya!

Roll-on Summer 2014!

Set List:
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Second Hand News
The Chain
Sad Angel
Not That Funny
Sisters of the Moon
Big Love
Never Going Back Again
Without You
Eyes of the World
Gold Dust Woman
I'm So Afraid
Stand Back
Go Your Own Way
World Turning
Don't Stop
Silver Springs
Say Goodbye

Landslide dedicated to both Katy Perry and John Mayer who were at the show
Say Goodbye intro that caused Stevie to get so emotional.

Say Goodbye
Stevie's clearly emotional during the song looking at Lindsey, singing the words, remembering,
"Just a time within a time / Just a scheme within a scheme 
A little world within a world / Just, a dream, just a dream"
Below Photos by Brian Larsen
Owly Images
Owly Images

Look for Fleetwood Mac to announce Summer 2014 dates in the new year!
Check out Lindsey telling fans in the front row at the end of the video they'll be on tour in the Summer.


  1. Got a bit emotional reading about Stevie's tearing up during say goodbye. I honestly do not understand Stevie's interest in Katy Perry. Unknown to her they're are many other talented artists out their who are worth her time and words.

  2. It's so great to see them together, given John's recent illness. The Chain really is hard to be broken.

    Bring on 2014 and the fully reunited Fleetwood Mac.

  3. Fleetwood Mac is a great band - one of the best of all time - but I still prefer my Stevie solo. She turned "In Your Dreams" into an era...and even though she told several fans at the B&N signing that she was ready to let go of it and move us on, it still saddens me that it's over. It wasn't just the best year of her life, but mine as well.

  4. Hello:
    Does anyone have video of Lindsey's speech before Say Goodbye or even a synopsis of what he said that made Stevie so emotional throughout the song? Happy New Year to FM and their fans!

  5. Absolutely heartbreaking....
    Yes, it was a strain on her, watching her castles fall down
    Oh there was a time he called her angel
    Where in the world did u come from?

  6. I cried during the song! I felt so bad for Stevie - I don't know how she made with through the song. Bless her brave wild heart. Always the professional. We love you Stevie.

  7. I cried too! But if I was Stevie I would h-a-t-e Say Goodbye...and I harbor a feeling she secretly does. Most of the time she looks pained when singing it. Like it's a bad reminder of a time within a time.

  8. Anyone else at a loss with this Katy Perry shit? At least John has talent underneath his persona. I struggle to equate her with anything other than commercializing sex for 6 year olds ("show me your pea-cock, cock, cock..." and whip cream cans for boobs) and crappy pop music.

  9. You're somewhat clueless. It isn't about the music itself so much as it is about a female singer songwriter - the next generation of female rock stars. Stevie supports the younger generation (tomorrow's success stories) - regardless of the type of music they write. Katy, Taylor, Vanessa, Gaga...all very different - all write their own music...

  10. Thank you for whoever put up the video! I cried through the entire thing!
    Happy New Year FM fans. And lots of love to Fleetwood Mac! We love you!

  11. Musical hopes for 2014......Stevie solo - Nicks Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac WITHOUT Chistine MacVie...

  12. The only way I'd go buy new FM music is if Christine's voice is also on it. They are all magical as a group. Luckily, it seems like magic might be in the air for 2014.

  13. The pain she has held for so long is the deepest pain. Her love for Lindsay will be there to her last days. Her never marrying him and having their own children, cuts her like a knife. She always loved him, but like most men their huge bloated egos get in their way. So she never has a child nor the love of her life, because of his ego. He never planned to get married to his wife. It was an unplanned pregnancy. The children are innocent. We all want a time machine at times, I certainly do since I have lived Stevie's love life with LB. Still in love w/ High School sweetheart who I can never love again. I feel her pain so deeply. The money will never make her happy either, not when it comes to loving your man. THEY SHOULD BE TOGETHER FOR THE REST OF THEIR DAYS AS IT SHOULD OF BEEN !! Wake up Lindsay and be what you were meant to be, Stevie's love. How can you not see you two belong together. I feel so sad for her, the men got what they want (a family) and stevie and christine had to suffer for it, for money and fame.

  14. Kudos to LB for not only deciding too make Stevie cry, but millions of her fans that have experienced true deep seated lost love and family. I agree with anonymous, you COULD OF PICK A SWEETER DEDICATION SONG to our beloved Angel. Bad decision brother. I totally agree with anonymous above, go to bed tonight and think of all the millions of ladies crying over their own situations past. Good Luck.

  15. I agree with anonymous up ahead. Still extremely emotional about losing my High School sweetheart. That was such a nasty thing to do to her. I think Stevie should finally say GOODBYE to that band, she does well enough with Dave Stewart on guitar, she don't need to be continually hurt. In Your Dreams was fantastic. I pray and hope that she finds love, for to love and be loved is the greatest gift of all. Say Good Bye Stevie. Your the most talented, no instrument can match the human voice or mind (lyrics) and find a good man that will treat you as the princess you are. God love you Stevie ! I can not put into words how me and probably thousands of women were brought right back to their own heartache over that. So he did not just hurt you, he hurt thousands of women at the same time. That really really sucks.

  16. The diamond - Stevie. Anyone can handle drums, bass and many play a mean guitar. Breaking News - Fleetwood Mac would be just another struggling band without Stevie Nicks, her lyric and voice, YOU CAN NOT MATCH. Her magic is her love lyric and her voice. After reading the above, I agree, Mr. Egotistical should of never choosen that song and made her cry,

  17. Mr. Buckingham, on this next tour, do NOT put Say Goodbye in your set list. Not good.

  18. Brilliant Stevie Nicks, there would be no band or bank account for that matter without her. There has never been an artist with such a voice, brilliant primitive lyric and style. They would never have such a body of work without her Mind, Soul and Spirit. She is amazing, and graceful. Amazing Grace.

  19. I wrote a song for Stevie

    When I finally get a moment to myself
    I close my eyes and I start to ponder
    I think of all the things that are important to me
    And when I think like that I really start to wonder
    What if this world was how I dream it to be
    And the real morals in life were practiced
    What if everybody realized the reason they are here
    And if the didn't they knew who to ask this
    What if people really understood the true meaning of peace
    And they really valued the true feeling of love
    What if everybody had just a slight feeling
    That there is something greater up above
    What if everybody could just be a little open minded
    And not be so quick to have their mind set
    What if everybody could know the meaning of respect
    And have the willingness to grasp this concept
    What if I didn't have to open my eyes
    And all the things I wonder would stay that way
    What if all the things that I wonder
    Could all come true one day
    I wonder

  20. Stevie looked strained singing say goodbye.Wonder if all is well with her, after all they have sang this song so many times before. Have never seen Stevie so emotional. You can see it was for real and not an act for their performance.... It was their destiny to make this musical journey with all its bumps and heartache...