Thursday, December 12, 2013

The true secret of Stevie's shawls to be revealed in “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” #AHS

Ryan Murphy Talks Self-Policing, Jessica Lange’s Exit, and What’s Next on American Horror Story: Coven
By Denise Martin

Here's the section on Stevie.

Let’s talk about Stevie Nicks! She’s in two episodes, and she’s singing. Tell me more.
The title of episode 10 is “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks,” so she’s heavy in it. She was a trouper and came in and did a song. Everyone came in for it. She did autographs and photographs. She was very cool. She talked a lot with the actors and watched, and she was really good in her scene. Later, she called me and said, “You know, I’ve been watching the show obviously, and I’ve been reading the scripts, and do you know you’re doing on the show something I wrote a song about with Fleetwood Mac back in the day? It was a B-side of one of our singles.” And she said the name of the song, which I won’t reveal, and I was like, “Of course!” She thought she should sing that song to the girls, so we booked her for another day, and we did another song, which will be in the finale. Any time you can do anything with Stevie where you can find out the true secret of her shawls is amazing.

So you’re promising to reveal that?
Oh, yeah! The Secret of the Shawls.

.... So, am I the only one thinking "Silver Springs" as the b-side to one of the singles?  And it looks like she'll be singing this song in the final episode of the season at the end of January.

Also... So many have already referred to the title of Stevie's episode as "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks".  This article is calling the episode "The Magical Charms of Stevie Nicks". I think the former is the correct title.

Full interview / article at Vulture


  1. Nope. I immediately thought Silver Springs

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  3. Silver Springs is in Florida!

  4. I really don't think it'll be Silver Springs. My guess would be Sister of the Moon. I realize it was an actual single of fm, but Stevie has never been great at remembering details.

  5. Well... according to this great article... the finale is titled "Seven Wonders"?

  6. ....I believe the song was inspired by a sign Stevie saw in Silver Springs, Colorado, not Florida.

  7. Silver Springs, MD is the city sign Stevie saw and wrote about....

  8. Obviously, this must be another case of Stevie having told many different versions of how 'Silver Springs' came about... I distinctly remember Stevie at some point in time saying the song was written about a sign in Silver Springs, Co., yet, a quick search does say MD, yet she was also quoted as saying Virginia... lol. So who knows what the real story is. Regardless, Silver Springs is a great old song!

  9. ^...the "details" change, but the song remains the same... BEAUTIFUL.

  10. Silver Springs was written on the bus going threw Virginia, I saw an interview where she told the story of it. The band didn't like it but finally let her sing it towards the end of their old tours before Christine left.

  11. You could be my Silver Spring...

  12. blue green colors flashing...

  13. I would be your only dream...

  14. Your shining autumn, ocean crashing...

  15. And did you say she was pretty
    And did you say that she loves you
    Baby, I don't wanna know

  16. I'll begin not to love you
    Turn around, see me runnin'
    I'll say I loved you years ago
    Tell myself you never loved me, no
    And did you say she was pretty
    And did you say that she loves you
    Baby, I don't wanna know
    Oh, no
    And can you tell me was it worth it
    Really, I don't wanna know

  17. Time casts a spell on you, but you won't forget me
    I know I could have loved you, but you would not let me

  18. Time casts a spell on you, but you won't forget me
    I know I could have loved you, but you would not let me
    I'll follow you down til' the sound of my voice will haunt you (on 3rd time
    Stevie oversings, was I such a fool?
    You'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you

    You could be my silver springs
    My blue green colors flashin'

  19. AWESOME LYRICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the way Stevie sings....priceless!!

  20. Gold Dust Woman was also a bside

  21. She wrote the instrumental "Book of Miracles" as a b-side, but she later recorded it solo as Juliet. I want to know what happened to the "redo" song she and Lindey were working on. Is that still in the works?

  22. Based on the full interview with Ryan, I wonder if the song could be "Seven Wonders" - not sure if it was a b-side or not

  23. Silver Springs was a single from The Dance. Seven Wonders was a single from Tango in the Night, plus it was written by Sandy Stewart. So although I think the may play Seven Wonders in the background like they have done with the other songs, I don't think that's the song that is being referred to by Ryan.

  24. She's really only had one famous B side, that she has spoken about time and again. It has to be Silver Springs....and I've only ever heard the Silver Springs, MD stories, never FL or CO; that's interesting.

  25. Still think its Gols Dust Woman. Yes, it was a b side...

  26. In the context of AHS Coven, neither Silver Springs, or Seven Wonders, nor Gold Dust Woman seem at all appropriate... I wonder if the song will be Sisters of the Moon, which would seem to be the best fit. Maybe a stripped down acapella version? That would be nice... "Intense silence, as she walked in the room..."

    1. I agree, but I was just looking at bsides, which was why I chose GDW. Sisters would be my first choice too.
      Coven doesn't utilize her songs in their entirety either but is careful to highlight lyrics that the scene calls for. Like last week they used Kind of Woman, not really appropriate, except for the chorus which was heard more prominently,while they talked over the rest.

  27. I bet on That's Alright (B-side of Oh Diane 1983), Fireflies (B-side of Fireflies 1980), When I See You Again (B-side of Everywhere 1987), No Questions Asked (B-side of Hold Me 1989) or Paper Doll (B-side of compilation 1992).
    If is suposed not to be on regular álbuns, Fireflies wins.
    Silver Springs is too much obvious and already known to be a mistery song in this case.

  28. Still think that if Stevie is going to actually sing a song it will be something more reflective of what's going on on AHS Coven. In context, Gold Dust Woman is about drug use, and Silver Springs -although a great song with beautiful lyrics- doesn't really seem to fit. Now when looking at the lyrics of 'Fireflies' as suggested above, this song seems like it could also work, as does 'Sisters of the Moon.' However, Nicks had stated previously that her and Buckingham were re-working an old song for the show. So, it may be the case that whichever the song, the lyrics may be altered slightly to fit the show. I still think as far as lyrics go, 'Sisters of the Moon' would be the 'Supreme' choice.

    "Sisters Of The Moon"

    Intense silence
    As she walked in the room
    Her black robes trailing
    Sister of the Moon
    And a black widow spider makes
    More sound than she
    And black moons in those eyes of hers
    Made more sense to me
    Heavy persuasion
    It grows hard to breathe
    She was dark at the top of the stairs
    And she called to me

    And so I followed
    As friends often do
    I cared not for love, nor money
    I think she knew
    The people, they love her
    And still they're the most cruel
    She asked me
    Be my sister, Sister of the Moon

    Some call her Sister of the Moon
    Some say illusions are her game
    They like to wrap her in velvet
    Does anyone, ah, know her name?

    So we make our choices
    When there is no choice
    And we listen to their voices
    Ignoring our own voice

  29. Paper Doll is an interesting possibility!

  30. ^ Nicks stating that her and Buckingham were 're-working' an old song for the Coven may not mean they were changing the actual lyrics, but maybe just the way the song is presented, such as with an acoustic guitar. I love 'Sisters of the Moon' and to sing this song on the show, I would imagine it would be a new stripped down version and performed much lighter and softer, because when Nicks has performed this in concert recently, it seems somewhat difficult. So I could definitely see Nicks doing a fresh version of this song acapella, or acoustic... which is where I think her magical vibrato really shines (i.e., Landslide), without having to compete against the sound of any big accompanying instruments. What would be really great is if she actually re-recorded 'Sisters of the Moon' in this manner and re-releases it as a single on iTunes. After all, AHS Coven has a HUGE fan-base, and Stevie Nicks (and Fleetwood Mac) are once again being exposed to an enormously large new audience, recently verified by much younger sold-out concert attendees. Great publicity for them all, and a Perfect time for Christine McVie to re-join the band for a new studio album and Reunion Tour.

    Being that Fleetwood Mac just made Billboard's Top 25 Tours of 2013, grossing a total of over $60 million dollars, and Stevie Nicks' 'In Your Dreams' DVD Documentary just debuted an No. 7 this week on the Top Music Video Sales Chart, alongside the popular recent headlines that "Christine McVie wants to rejoin Fleetwood Mac!" -there certainly seems to be an extraordinary demand for fresh music and a new chapter to be written by Nicks and the band. In a world with so much to disdain, it appears that current 'Pop-Culture' is absolutely fascinated by 'The Magical Charms of Stevie Nicks' & Fleetwood Mac, with their music not only being prominently referenced on AHS Coven, but more recently on Saturday Night Live, and even a Bank of America commercial using Fleetwood Mac's "Never Going Back Again."

    It's no secret, the demand is there, the choice is theirs, and the 'Skies the Limit' if they so choose.

  31. ^^Seriously people? What does the lyrics of 'Paper Doll' have to do with a Coven of Witches??? My bet is on 'Sisters of the Moon' or 'Fireflies' as the most obvious choices in order to remain somewhat in context with the show's storyline.

  32. Y'all are puttin way too much thought into this. It could be anything.
    First episode had Edge of Seventeen playing while Misty resurrected alligators and killed 2 poachers...connection?
    It's fun to guess but I wouldn't bet the farm on some mystical connection. Just sayin.

  33. ^ True. BUT they're NOT discussing what the next song is that will be played in the background of AHS Coven... but what song it is that Stevie is supposedly going to SING... I SERIOUSLY doubt it will be anything like 'Paper Doll' ... I mean Really??? The show is about Witches, and who will emerge as the next 'Supreme,' not Cocaine or long-lost loves, just to be clear. If you think they're won't be a "connection" with the song Nicks will sing and the general plot-line of the show, then you don't know Witch! ;) Just sayin.

  34. Yep. If you read the interview with Murphy, he states Stevie called him and said, “You know, I’ve been watching the show...and I’ve been reading the scripts, and do you know you’re doing on the show something I wrote a song about with Fleetwood Mac back in the day?”

    So what ever she sings, it obviously does have a "connection" with what the show is about.

  35. Seven Wonders was a major hit back in the day.. It was the 2nd single from Tango, reached #19 in the U.S.... Maybe she sings "The Chain" at the end.... That was never a proper single back during the Rumours era I don't think.

  36. I'mmmm going with Sisters of the Moon. It's so very season III American Horror Story. I'm rarely right about my guesses, lol, so we will see! All I know is that Lily Rabe is one lucky b*tch!

  37. wow - i can't believe people care about Ryan Murphy and his politically correct garbage - good publicity for Stevie, one guesses, but who cares? he's using Stevie and she's using him - ugh - there are far more pressing matters on the Fleetwood Mac slate - John's health and Christine's return - as a modern "hit", American Horror Story reaches far fewer people than FM or a mid-level TV show in the past would have - not interested - Ryan M, his diva-worship, and Stevie's silly efforts for this show are not anything i can get excited about - she's offering herself up as a relic to a person who embalms people - and he preaches to the converted, always, talking-points style - he's an insider, a bore and an example of everything that wrong with contemporary "niche" media - a new album with the quintet is where it's at - this is just a passing distraction - something for Stevie to do while she waits and deals with acid reflux....

  38. Fireflies is the song, cleary and very obvious

  39. "Anonymous said...

    wow - i can't believe people care about Ryan Murphy and his politically correct garbage....."

    And that's where you lost me. Ryan Murphy, politically correct? At least you gave me a hearty laugh.

  40. It was Seven Wonders