Friday, January 17, 2014

"The best of the bunch was this haunting number done with Stevie Nicks"

Nice mention for Stevie's contribution to the Sound City soundtrack "Real to Reel" with "You Can't Fix This"

Lana Del Rey, The xx and Stevie Nicks miss out on Oscar nominations for Best Original Song – what else did the Academy overlook?

“You Can't Fix This” from Sound City (performed by Dave Grohl and Stevie Nicks)

Considering songs from Sound City for consideration sort of feels like cheating, since the film, produced and directed by Dave Grohl, was about the historic Los Angeles recording studio where he and Nirvana recorded Nevermind in 1991 (and where we met him and Rick Rubin last year). For the film Grohl collected a group of all-star musicians to record a song with him on the equipment he salvaged. Among them were Paul McCartney, with whom he and the rest of Nirvana recorded the somewhat unfortunate “Cut Me Some Slack”, which, like the album itself, was nominated for a Grammy. The best of the bunch was this haunting number done with Stevie Nicks, who can't not be haunting come to think of it.

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  1. I've loved this song since the first time I heard it and I still believe it's the most authentic Stevie song I've heard in years. LOVE it! :)

  2. Let's please not re-open the contentious YOU CAN FIX THIS thread - one of Stevie's all-time worst. An outright embarrassment...

  3. ^^ Then why start by posting a comment like that??... which by the way you should preface by saying "in my opinion".

  4. it's called being provocative, mr./ms. "oh-so-serious" - and i don't need to qualify my statement with IMO because it's inherently implied - jeez

  5. January 2014 at 19:50

    listen,don't start negative crap,about the mac becausr there is enough people in the world love them.and if you can't say anything nice,say nothing at all, not anonymous ....Lynda

  6. Being critical isn't the same thing as being negative. Get over it. If Stevie wants to regard herself as operating at the top of the arts, there are certain standards she needs to meet. YOU CAN'T FIX THIS is a cliche-ridden ditty with no discernible melody and melodramatic braying filling in for heartfelt emotion. It's a bad song and a bad performance, period.

  7. Who appointed you judge, jury and executioner? By the tone of your comments, youre basically saying anyone who doesnt share your opinion is an idiot and doesnt know what theyre talking about. Think what you wish, no one is begrudging your right to feel that way. You sound like a pompous self important ass who loved nothing more than the sound of your own voice. Not every one thinks the way you do. Get over yourself and stop trying to bully people into thinking yours is the only opinion tjat mattters.

  8. I was appointed by GOD almighty to make aesthetic judgements. And I prosecute and execute BAD ART. So there. I'm not intimidated one bit by your relativistic outlook. "It's all good" might as just well be "everything sucks so who cares?" Well, I care. So shove your therapeutic garbage.

    To qualify my judgment, here's a list of cliches contained within this lousy song:

    "dancing with the devil"
    "we walk through the darkness"
    "have a heart"
    "never be sorry"
    "hearts breaking"
    "break like glass
    "burn you down"

    Truly inspired work doesn't rely on cliches. This is lazy, disconnected, amateur stuff not worthy of Stevie best. And it's all the more perplexing since it's supposed to be about a tragic experience she's supposedly grappling with. A boy died but all she can do is talk about herself and how she supposedly "managed" her addiction responsibly. She's full of shit.

    And beyond the terrible lyrics, there really isn't a coherent melody, let alone a memorable chorus or bridge. It's a "star" performance wholly reliant on "loving" Stevie outside of any objective evaluation.

    All told, this is the worst material Stevie has generated since the dark days of THE NIGHTMARE, JANE, WHEN I SEE YOU AGAIN and WELCOME TO THE ROOM...SARA.

    I hope she has better offerings for the imagined new FM album. Certainly Lindsey and Christine won't stand for this substandard material.

  9. you don't care for the song. I don't care for it either, but I don't have to be a f*cktard about it.

  10. Ok pal, enjoy your narcissistic life. Obviously youre a self centered ass who loves to hear youself talk. Say all you want about it, i dont give a damn what you think. Youre nothing but an internet bully. You dont scare me one bit either. crawl back into the hole you came.out of and let your sad pathetic life go on without foisting it on the rest of us.

  11. Interesting how none of the people attacking the critic can offer a defense of the work. Rather, the critic is attacked on the grounds of being unworthy of attacking "celebrity" Stevie. Trendy attacks about "bullying" and "narcissism" are offered as a reflex in lieu of actual content based on thought.

    It's a shitty song.

  12. It has NOTHING to do with celebrity has everything to do with someone who has ZERO TOLERANCE.for.anyones opinion but their own. I dont like the song either, but im not going to sit by and let some troll who lives in their moms basement come on here and insult peoples intelligence without speaking up.

  13. Here we go again - Stevie's FLYING MONKEYS are out in full force. The "zero tolerance" you speak of actually has to do with your inability to think critically when it comes to Stevie, even when she's at her worst, most self-centered, and most celebrity-infected in terms of seeing outside herself. Please tell A. - why you don't like the song and B. why you insist on attacking those who criticize it. If your not willing to be specific, don't answer. I was specific. You were not.

    Shitty song...

  14. In addition, I don't live in my parents' basement - they are long dead, god bless them - but even if I did I don't see how that would neutralized the validity of my criticisms. Yet again, the "liberal" outlook is exposed as a mean, classist form of bigotry couched in phony therapeutic language. Let's not go there...

  15. Can you not read? My problem is not with this persons opinion. It s the fact they come on here proclaiming themselves APPOINTED BY GOD to offer the only opinion that matters. Like i said ,i dont like the song either, but i have no tolerance for people that act like anyone that doesnt walk lock step with their opinion is some kind of neandrathal who doesnt know what theyre talking about. Ive been a fan for 40 years so i would venture to say that im more qualified than you or the other troll to offer an opiniom, but om not going to attack someone who doesnt agree with me.

  16. Dreadful little ditty.