Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fleetwood Mac singer re-records obscurities from her own catalog she found on YouTube for new LP

Stevie Nicks' Upcoming Album Was Inspired By YouTube

By Andy Greene
May 15, 2014

Many artists lament the fact that YouTube is filled with bootlegs of their unreleased music, but for Stevie Nicks,  this proved to be a tremendous gift. Her entire upcoming album - tentatively titled 24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault - consists of newly recorded versions of obscurities she found on the song/video-sharing website, according to Billboard. The disc, produced by Dave Stewart, guitarist Waddy Wachtel and Nicks herself, is slated to hit shelves in October.

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  1. OMGGG I am freaking out!!!! This is so awesome!! This is exactly what I have always wished she would do, but only in a dream world!

  2. So nice to hear good old beats from The Divine Angel Stevie Nicks* Rock On Gold Dust Woman...
    Another Dream comes true with the upcoming relase of 24 Karat Gold* Everything Stevie does is pure gold to the World*

  3. Songs like these are so welcome from The Divine Angel Stevie Nicks* Whatever she sings is turned to pure 24-Karat Gold* Looking forward to the release... Thankyou

  4. The final show last year in Sacramento, Stevie was very clear how much she hated Youtube.

  5. Even if she did say she hated YouTube-so what? She also found Secret Love and Without You on there and seemed happy for it. Maybe she changed her mind. There just seems to be a negative connotation in your post that I don't quite understand. If you don't wanna hear the new album, don't listen to it!

  6. I'm sure most artists have mixed feelings about you tube.
    The title makes it sound like a 'Best of..." Not to the dedicated, but the casual listener. How will she promote it in October? Rehearsals in September and on the road with Mac in October-December...

  7. Stevie could sing in phone booth and I would be all about it. here here I agree don't listen to it you cant to big of a fan!

  8. cece loves stevie,everything this lady touches turns to gold ! can't wait to rock out in my car, my second house,hahaha !!!

  9. She's coming back :D

  10. For decades Stevie has stated how hurt she was that many of her greatest songs were stolen and circulated as bootlegs among collectors. How wonderful that she has come to a point in her life that she can understand how deeply her fans crave her music. By rerecording these lost treasures not only is Stevie fulfilling every true fan's ultimate wish, she is also reclaiming ownership of her master works. Bravo Stevie. This is the greatest professional move you've ever made. I was so glad when Stevie recorded and released Thousand Days and Mirror Mirror. Now I am hoping to hear crystal clear studio renditions of my personal three favorite unreleased demos, "Julia", "Joan of Arc", and "Have No Heart". Again, Bravo and Thank You Stevie. Please don't let this project fall through the cracks. I'm already chilling the ice for my martini on the day this album is released.

  11. stevie should thank god for you tube otherwise she would have no songs because she doesn't seem to write much anymore, and she should be glad the songs were saved! maybe she should have taken better care of them when she had them.

  12. The song 24 Karat Gold…it takes me back to Bella Donna days. I hope the rest of the songs do too as Stevie’s finest work was Bella Donna and Wild Heart….although IYD’s has been the best of the wonderful Stevie Nicks after these two recordings….(I love all of SN work so don’t get me wrong) Rock on Stevie!! Happy Birthday for May 26th and keep giving us more of your magic!! Hurry back to Australia.

  13. It's sad how no matter what Stevie does, she seems to get blasted by her so called fans. "She's wearing that outfit again!", "I hate those glasses.", "She looks heavy." "She didn't hit that high note". Now people are upset over the alleged title of her new CD that we should be thrilled about, even going as far as to say that if the songs that THEY want aren't on the CD, they will be disappointed. Stevie's fans have their favorites of her demos but her fans should be thankful that Stevie is still recording and still sounding great. Apparently Christine can do no wrong, as there aren't any nasty comments about her.

  14. I agree with the above posting. Nothing against Christine (she is very talented in her own right) but people have always been hard on Stevie. I can guess that when Stevie found the other songs on YouTube for the Fleetwood Mac EP, she was already thinking about recording this CD. It doesn't matter whether the songs are new material or not - does it really matter that she didn't "just write the song" she picked to record?

  15. Why are there assumptions that Fleetwood Mac has issues with what Stevie is doing? Lindsey said the band had zero intention of releasing a record before the tour, that they would hit the studio after the tour to finish their new material. Also, why all the negative comments about Christine? She and Stevie aren't in competition; they each bring something unique to Fleetwood Mac and Christine's return doesn't take anything away from Stevie.

    I have a theory about the timing of this CD. Stevie probably realizes the next two years are going to be Fleetwood Mac - tour, studio, new album, press tour, another world tour - so it will be 2016 before she gets to return to her solo career. This type of album is something she can release with very little promotion; she'll likely do a lot of promoting in July and early August before the tour rehearsals start. She doesn't have to worry about promoting newly written songs or getting any of it on the radio. A project like this is more like a valentine to longtime fans.

    Personally I'm happy that she she's become more willing to embrace certain aspects of the Internet. YouTube is a double-edged sword for artists, but let's face ... Radio certainly is not friendly to artists like Stevie anymore, and YouTube has very likely introduced legions of new fans to Stevie and Fleetwood Mac, and their music.

    I am very excited about what's to come. Sure, I have my favorite bootleg demos just like everyone else, but I will be happy with whatever she gives us. The Fleetwood Mac tour will be epic, then the band will return to the studio to work on Stevie's compositions (just think, Stevie releasing a "trunk record" means her new material - and you know she's got it - will go to Fleetwood Mac) and finish those started by Christine and Lindsey.

  16. I'd love it if the 15 tracks included Space Needle, Gold and Braid and Watch Devil to name just a few. It'd be fantastic if Sweet Girl was recorded with Fleetwood Mac and I also think that Sleeping Angel would make a fantastic addition to the new Fleetwood Mac album, with harmonies by Christine, Lindsey and Stevie.

  17. Many of these demos & outakes are already masterpieces. They shouldn't be reworked or tampered with. I wish she would just gather them up and master them onto disc for us to savor. I shudder to think what updated versions of Blue Water & Forest of the Black Roses would sound like now. I love Stevie but these classics are just that and should not be redone. Just polished and released.

  18. I agree with Steve Stevens above. re-doing songs like Blue Water or Forest of the Black Roses would take away a certain ambience of those songs. Stevie voice is still great, but it has loss much of the innocent sounding breathlessness of the era in which she recorded those wonderful demos.

    Listen to the original dreams on Rumors, then listen to a recent recording of the same song. The difference is striking.

  19. I am happy to hear that old demo's of Stevie's are finally/hopefully coming to her fans on a new release, later this year, BUT I have to agree with a few of the above posts, I fear that any reworked or redone arraingment to any of these classic demos...something could be lost in the process. I have one example to mention...Stevie's song ...Smile At You...from the SYW cd, I waited forever for that song to be released...Mr. Buckingham really did a number to that was terrible!
    Stevie please try to keep these haunting melodies from these demos as close to the original sound as possible....PLEASE !!!

    Hey with a new book coming out about Stevie come October & a new CD ....this is gonna be a great Fall Season 2014 !

  20. The above four posts are absolutely correct... new studio versions never live up to the emotion and freshness and innocence of original demo recordings... BUT... it is WONDERFUL that Stevie is taking on this project so that the general public will get to hear these great songs. ADDITIONALLY... it most certainly is IMPOSSIBLE to release the original demo recordings commercially because every musician and technician who worked on those recording sessions would demand to be paid royalties. Also, certainly some of those studio crew members and technicians are very likely the individuals who copied and circulated these unpublished recordings in the first place all those years ago. Stevie probably knows who at least a few of those individuals are, and I doubt she would want to put herself in the position of possibly having to pay those individuals royalties. So by default, the only option for Stevie to release all these great old songs is to re-record new versions and copyright them with a whole new staff of trusted musicians and producers.

  21. To the Anonymous poster who brought up Lindsey's production and arrangement of "Smile at You" from SYW ... I agree with you on that point ... The demo is fierce and gut-punching. Stevie herself has said she didn't like the way a lot of those songs turned out, so I would imagine with this project she has put her foot down on things she didn't like.


    At the Fair
    Space Needle
    Watch Devil
    24 Karat Gold (Of Course)
    Blue Water
    China Doll
    Love You Enough (My Love is Never Lost)
    If You Were My Love
    All the Kings Horses
    Forest of the Black Roses
    She Loves Him Still
    The Dealer
    Three Birds of Rhiannon
    What Has Rock and Roll Ever Done For You

  23. "She Loves Him Still'' (as in 'not moving'?) I always loved the song and was sure that indeed the title was as many are calling it- until a flame war broke out (imagine!) and at the time, a voice of 'authoritay' said for certain the title is and always has been 'She Still Loves Him' and for years, fans seemed to adhere to the man Whatever it's called, it's a gorgeous song and I hope it makes the cd. So excited!

  24. Thought I would post again...Regarding the comment about ' Smile At You'...being released on the SYW cd...and saying that LB really did do a terrible job on re-arraingment of this song...I have a question....can Stevie put this song on her new release? Will this cause a problem with Lindsey?
    Like I said ...I waited forever for this song.
    I would also like to see...'Have no Heart' put on this release....kinda sad, this song but I do like it !

    Oh, I thought I should mention, that through many of the old interviews...Stevie actually gave some of these demos to what she considered close friends at that time ,she mentioned this on several occasions....