Tuesday, June 24, 2014

MS MAC IS BACK Interview with Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie via BASCA The Works Magazine

It's here... Christine McVie's interview with The Works, the magazine of BASCA - British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors. 

Interview by Darren Haynes

Check out the interview in The Works Magazine online at BASCA.org

Really great interview.  Christine talks about her Lifetime Achievement Award she received... About songwriting, collaborating with Lindsey Buckingham. The new Fleetwood Mac album, co-writing with Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac's World Tour. Here's one nugget of info for the UK:

"According to Christine McVie (with a caveat to stand corrected if she's wrong) the band is booked to add a European leg to their world tour. This will coincide with the release of the new album.

I think we're doing four nights at The O2 around Spring time next year, you know April around that kind of date. If I'm wrong on that, then I'm gonna get hung drawn and quartered".

Thank you to Darren Haynes and BASCA for including Fleetwoodmacnews.com in your interview piece.

Here is the audio from the presentation of Christine's Lifetime Achievement Award at the Ivors. The link is part of the interview piece in The Works magazine... I missed it the first time around.


  1. What happened to the questions that we were allowed to send to the magazine for Chris to answer?

  2. ^ I was wondering about those questions too. Seems like she was asked just one?

  3. So many great tidbits of new info or new spins!

    And I bet Chris will be in trouble for telling the world upfront that they already have 4 days booked at the London O2. They usually make them available one by one. :D

  4. She is such a class act! Love her.

  5. If the Fleetwood Mac album will be out by April that means Stevie will have to record her songs and add her vocals to Chris and Lindsey's songs after the first of the year in 2015, from Jan. to March or around that time, in order to get the album ready for release. I wonder if this interview stuff is true?

  6. Dear Flying Monkeys -

    I hate to say "I told you so" about 24K being a contractual obligation and there it is from Christine's own lips in the interview.

    Please don't carry me off to the witch's castle.....

  7. @ Anonymous "Dear Flying Monkeys" - please show some class. There is no reason to be rude to others just because some of didn't agree with you. Who cares if it is contractual? That doesn't mean it will be lacking in quality. Personally, speaking only for myself, I like what I've heard from the snippets Dave has released. I support and believe the 'Trunk Songs' project because I would rather she save all of her newly written material for Fleetwood Mac and not hoard it for her next solo project.

    There's also a time factor here; tour rehearsals will likely begin in August since the Mac tour kicks off 09/30/2014. The Fleetwood Mac album will likely be completed between the conclusion of the North American leg and the European leg. Factor in all the press promotion that will go on, the inevitable Australian and New Zealand legs and a very likely second leg in North America that puts Fleetwood Mac active until 2016. Who knows what will happen after that point?

    I respect your right to your opinions and your own conclusions; you weren't the only one who thought this was partially contractual especially given the next two years will likely be devoted to Fleetwood Mac. Being rude and calling others names, however, is not cool, especially when you comment as "Anonymous."

  8. So what if it's to fulfill a contractual obligation? Most would just put out another Greatest Hits or Best Of with maybe 1 or 2 new songs. The only issue people had with your comments were your saying this would be some tossed off and half-produced album and that it couldn't be high quality because they didn't spend a year making it. I don't happen to be a "flying monkey" who automatically loves everything Stevie does but you were making a lot of assumptions and judgments on 2 snippets of songs that were 16 seconds long! You just seem determined to not like this album and to be negative about the whole thing.

  9. Flying Monkey here - seems like there is nothing to worry about. Stevie can put her music towards the FM album after the new year. We know she always comes through. (Well she does) This way we have the new album of Fleetwood Mac and her solo project as a bonus. It may not be another IYD but will be good. She doesn't release anything not perfect. (Well she doesn't) In the mean time I will look forward to both albums, the shows I have tickets for in the fall and what ever 2015 brings. This is an exciting time - enjoy it. Can't wait to see Stevie in a few months with the band. Sure she will be as stunning as ever - so enjoy, Regards - Flying Monkey

  10. Of course "24 Karat" is a contractual obligation. Just like every other thing Stevie and The Mac have released.

    Someone said Stevie renewed her contract with Warner in 2012 for two albums and a "best of." If true, which came from a reliable source, this is one album. She still has a full other new album to go!!

  11. Get the ball rolling again, I said it too that it was likely it was a deal with the record company. So what if its old demo;s But what gets me that you claim to be a big Stevie fan but yet you seem like you have no interest in what she is doing with this project and think its not going to be good. So you are waiting for the next Romours or tusk album/ You should just happy they she is out there still doing it. No one claims its going to be her best ever. Your expectation are like she is in the prime of her career. I am just thankful that she is there for her fans. doing what she is doing. But you claim to be a big fan!!!

  12. Great interview by the First Lady of FMAC