Friday, June 27, 2014

Never before seen Buckingham Nicks Album Cover outtake Photos @StevieNicks @Lndsybuckingham

These are simply gorgeous... They're small - but large enough that you can still appreciate them... All are outtakes from the Buckingham Nicks album cover shoot.  There have been a few outtakes from this photo shoot floating around over the years, but this is the first time I've seen photos where both Lindsey and Stevie have tops on! That's likely the blouse that Stevie spent all the money on for the photo shoot and it never made the cover.  Photos courtesy of thearenamaster on Tumblr

So here's the back story on these... Apparently these originated on ebay as negatives and with some clever photo swapping of some sort, they were turned into proper looking contact sheets.

From the ebay seller. And I might add, I find it kind of sad if Stevie and Lindsey don't own their own copies of these knowing that the photographer was Jimmy Wachtel, Waddy's brother.  If I were them, I'd buy them!

The winning bid was $15,000.00 !!!

Auction listing

Long thought lost, these negatives were found in the archives of legendary art director Jimmy Wachtel. Neither Stevie Nicks nor Lindsey Buckingham have either the contact sheets made in 1973 or the original negatives offered here.

The negatives are still in their original glassine sleeves, numbered J1 through J5.  There are 12 shots in each, except for the last roll, which has 11 shots.  It is possible that there was one more roll taken, and that might have been retained for use for the cover.  These shots are a history of the session, showing the progression of the session, from fully clothed to topless.  At the time of release in Sept. of 1973 this cover created a real sensation.  It was the first time that a music duo appeared on the cover of their LP topless.  Stevie Nicks was appalled and shocked upon seeing the issued cover, as she apparently thought she was discreetly hidden in all shots behind Lindsey.  She hid the album under her bed, afraid to show it to her rather strict and prudish father.  The session started with Stevie and Lindsey with their finest shirts on, and soon the photographer convinced them to go topless, assuring them that the posing would be tasteful.  Please see the progression details in this listing.  For years Stevie was traumatized by this album cover.  Perhaps now that her father has passed away, she is finally planning to re-issue this album on CD.  It can be considered the first of the new line Fleetwood Mac albums.

These negatives are sold as physical objects only.  No rights of reproduction can pass to the new owner.  These are the one and only original negatives from the session.  No copies were made at the time, and even the photographer himself has no copies of these negatives.  I obtained the ownership of these negatives through negotiation with the photographer, after much of his archive was mistakenly thrown away, picked up by pickers, sold to a collector, and then to me.  I returned much of the material to Wachtel, and he gave me ownership of the rest in turn.  Please see the last listing of Jackson Browne material I put up on EBAY.  It sold within two hours of listing to very knowledgeable insiders.

These negatives are in near mint condition, they are not copies, or reproductions. They were likely taken with a Hasselblad in a fully equipped studio. They are medium format in size (2 1/4) and are on Kodak B&W film.  NO RETURNS.  SORRY. THESE COULD BE COPIED AND THEN RETURNED, SO THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE.


  1. Well these are quite awesome. Thanks!

  2. resurfacing again the topic when will we get the release of the album, the last couple of years they have been teasing us that maybe soon but still nothing yet we the big fans can't rest with piece til this gets released. Never the less awesome pictures Stevie looks astonishing!!!

  3. In my youth I had such a crush on Stevie, it was silly. The bring back the emotions of the 20s all over again. It's a trip! Thanks!!

  4. Both Lindsey and particularly Stevie look better in the photos with clothes on. Stevie's hair looks more beautiful in those pictures. And as much as she has complained about it all these years, nobody made Stevie take off her blouse, and she should have known by doing it that there would be shots taken that showed more than she wanted. Besides she isn't showing any nipple, so it's not all that provocative anyway.

  5. I'm currently the top bidder for these negatives and if I win, I plan to return them to Stevie via her publicist Liz Rosenberg. I'll go as high as 5k.

  6. ^^ Anonymous, if that's truly your plan to buy and return... I applaud you!

  7. It would be great if these photos came as an ' Outtake Photo Sheet ' insert with the Pro-release of the Buckingham Nicks album in CD. Darn the photos are so small really can't make them out.
    Stevie's hair really looks more blond here...Beautiful ! I always wanted to know what that Blouse looked like....
    Did Waddy's brother take these Photos ?

  8. I love this album cover (and the album of course!) so much and it's so cool to see these pics ! I know this is an old post, but still---- and yes I am also anxiously awaiting the day I can listen to this album on Spotify. I listened to it on YouTube the other day but of course it doesn't sound that great there. I will cherish my copy of this album forever.

  9. Would Lindsey and Stevie PLEASE re-issue Buckingham Nicks. Please...

  10. No. Jimmy Wachtel did the inner photo but the cover shot is in fact by a man named Lorrie Sillivan. You will see his name listed in the credits. I own an archival print of the cover shot purchased from Sullivan's family.

  11. "Anonymous said...
    I'm currently the top bidder for these negatives and if I win, I plan to return them to Stevie via her publicist Liz Rosenberg. I'll go as high as 5k.

    3 July 2014 at 17:05"

    Lindsey and Stevie make more $ in their sleep in one night than you'll make in your lifetime. Surely they were informed of this and it was their decision to refrain from purchasing them. There is a line between altruism and pure folly