Friday, August 22, 2014

New Song Sample: Stevie Nicks “All The Beautiful Worlds”

"All the beautiful worlds
that I have seen so far have all fallen down.
Oh it used to be yours..."

More clips from "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" can be heard here.

Pre-Order Stevie Nicks "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" from
Available October 7th.


  1. Can we just take a moment to appreciate all the vocal work she has done over the last few years to sound like she does now. Her nasality is slowly disappearing! Listen to anything on TISL or even IYD and the diffrence is amazing! On "oh it used to be yours" we can hear her nice throaty voice...

  2. Amen to that! I am so thrilled about this CD. God bless this beautiful woman....inside and out.

  3. Can not wait to here this album in it's entirety! Loving everything so far and looking forward to maybe hearing a couple things I've never heard before like "I Don't Care" "Hard Advice" and maybe "Lady".

  4. Isn't "Lady" the next single to be released on Monday (the 25th)? It's likely we're not going to get a snippet of that. But I'm so loving everything I'm hearing.

  5. Every time someone mentions "Lady" I keep picturing Stevie singing Styx! lol

    Can't wait to hear "Twisted" !!!

  6. My favourite Stevie demo... The snippet is beautiful, I'm speechless!