Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SONG SAMPLE: Stevie Nicks "If You Were My Love" from #24KaratGold Songs From The Vault

Ooohhh... This sounds beautiful - even from the short clip!


Album previews on instagram at @Stevienicksofficial and on Facebook


  1. I cried! I have always loved this song and it sounds beautiful...........I am so proud to be a Stevie fan!

  2. I enjoy what I heard, I can't wait to hear the rest!!! I love that Stevie is doing this (well, that Stevie has agreed to let someone run an Instagram account for her to do this); I don't think her label did a good job in promoting IYD so stuff like this is awesome. I hope next year when Fleetwood Mac is recording their next studio album they take a cue from this and get involved in some self-promotion instead of relying on a label to promote them.

    Side question ... for the Photobook bundles for sale, they include 3 digital singles - "to be determined" - in addition to a digital download of "The Dealer," as well as a digital copy of the album when it's released, the physical copy and the Photobook. Does anyone know (or at least has anyone heard anything at all) about the release dates on those? Since the album is released October 7 I suspect all three will be released prior....

  3. Stevie's voice sounds fantastic.

  4. Just this little tiny bit is great - can't wait for the rest. I'm thinking maybe this should have been the single rather than The Dealer.

  5. This sounds absolutely gorgeous! I'm hoping since Stevie made this album (presumably) to free her up to make an album with Fleetwood Mac next year, leaving her very little time to promote it, that the band includes a few songs from the new album to sing on tour later this year!!!