Thursday, June 02, 2016

New Empire of the Sun Album to feature Lindsey Buckingham

Luke Steele has written a song with Fleetwood Mac legend Lindsey Buckingham for the next Empire of the Sun album.

The yet-to-be-named album, pencilled in for October, features a very special guest — Fleetwood Mac legend Lindsey Buckingham.

Steele explains that when he and Jodi have “late night music parties” at their Santa Monica or Coromandel Peninsula homes to a soundtrack of classic pop and rock, he often emails his manager asking for a hook-up with one of his heroes.

“Ninety-nine per cent of the time they never get back,” he laughs. “I’ve always wanted to work with my favourite guitarist Lindsey Buckingham so I reached out.

“He got back and said ‘Fleetwood Mac are off the road, I’m in LA, I’d love to come down’.”

Buckingham joined Empire of the Sun in their Downtown LA Compound where he played guitar and sung harmonies on a track called To Her Door, which the 66-year-old rock god also co-wrote.

“It’s such a classic song,” Steele gushes. “It’s just been a dream come true.”

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  1. Can't wait to hear the song Luke Steel and Lindsey have written together. Love you Lindsey, always have. Maybe someday you and Stevie will do a little Buckingham Nicks for us die hard fans out here. One can only wish.