Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks Team Up for New Song on Lust for Life

Two generations of witchy women, together at last
by Amy Phillips and Amanda Wicks

Lana Del Rey has tapped none other than Stevie Nicks for a feature on her forthcoming album Lust for Life. No more information is available about the team-up between Lana and the Fleetwood Mac singer/songwriter, but it follows news of two more high-profile guests on the LP: the Weeknd on “Lust for Life” and Sean Ono Lennon on “Tomorrow Never Came.” Del Rey has not yet announced a release date for the album, which also features the single “Love.” 

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  1. OMG!!! This is amazing! I hope it's an actual duet and not just Stevie talking like she did for Katy Perry

  2. Ugh - figures Stevie can find the time to show up for Lana's latest shitfest but can't get it together to do 1 lousy song for Fleetwood Mac. I'm done.

  3. Lana is amazing. She's gone in a different direction on her few past records. "Lust For Life" is supposed to be a companion piece to her second, biggest selling record, "Born to Die." So far the first two singles, "Lust for Life" and "Love" (probably the best song of her career) have done extremely well.

    Lana's releases ALWAYS garner lots of attention from the press so that's a plus for Stevie. HOPEFULLY the song will be the next single and maybe she can pull a few strings and get Stevie in the actual video. LOTS of similarities between these two ladies!

  4. Lana is jimmy iovines great project. I'm sure he keeps his girls on the shortlist!

  5. Jimmy Iovinne is a huge part of the legacy of Stevie Nicks astounding solo career. I'm sure she is participating both for Jimmy and Lana. Her Svengali!

  6. Stevie Nicks has now entered into a vanguard that few if any female rock stars inhabit. She has far surpassed the legacy & legend of Fleetwood Mac as a whole. She is and always will be 1/5 of this legendary band. They all need each other and time willing will make more music. Count on it. But currently Stevie is most likely tending to her bucket list of projects and opportunities that she is afforded by her legendary status. She is happy healthy and looks to be 20 years younger than she is. But even she knows performing will come to an end on a large scale sooner than later. Let's let her take care of her business before she joins FM for this last endless world tour. Rock on Gold Dust Woman

    1. I agree with majority of your post...except for "surpasses the legend of fleetwood mac"
      She has the most successful solo career out of the 5 of them, I'll give you that.
      However, she has never been inducted into the Hall of Fame, except as a member of that legendary band.
      She herself has said that the Mac's albums outsell hers, and that she cannot fill the huge arena/stadiums that they 5 can together.
      Im not saying she isnt a legendary icon, I am saying Fleetwood Mac is more than a sum of their parts, and when they are together its just magic.

  7. nice she can help out other singers but has no problem refusing to do a song or two for fleetwood mac , then its too much trouble not enough money etc stevie really needs to remember there was no stevie nicks without fleetwood mac,

  8. Wow I think you overestimate her place. Half the stuff you said made me laugh.

  9. The song is called "Beautiful People" - it'll be released next Thursday (May 25).

  10. According to a lana del rey fansite the song is called "Beautiful people" - they also said on the site that Stevie has a "surprising" role on the song. Rolling Stone will begin streaming Lana's album next week