Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stevie Nicks wrote Mariah during ‘craziness’

The first Fleetwood Mac tour in five years begins March 1 in Pittsburgh, and Stevie Nicks wants everyone to know that Sheryl Crow passed up the opportunity to join.

“I explained to Sheryl what it was like to be in the group — that it’s all-encompassing. Like on 2003’s Say You Will tour, we went out expecting to do 40 shows, and it turned in to 135 shows,” Nicks told Rolling Stone. “So Sheryl called me and said, ‘I’ll have to pass.’ As Stevie Nicks, I was disappointed. As her friend, I told her she made the right decision.”

Nicks, who turned 60 last year, is a friend and inspiration to other younger musicians, including Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch and Mariah Carey.

“When Mariah Carey was going through all her craziness a few years ago, I wrote her a long letter telling her how everybody else is crazy — not her,” she told Rolling Stone. “I saw her recently, and she told me she keeps the letter with her jewelry! I love that.”

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