Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Had correspondence with Live Nation in BC today - so far the Vancouver show this Friday is still on.


  1. It was an awesome show.....

  2. It was a great show........ thanks to the rest of the band carrying Stevie Nicks. I wish they had cancelled and I could have at least gotten a refund. She looked absolutely out of it and as if she was trying to relive the 60's chemically. She butchered a lot of the songs. Maybe she's getting bored singing the same songs over and over for 50 years and enjoys rearranging them but when you're paying $215 to sit mid way up the highest section (WTF??) we enjoy being able to recognize the tune. Lindsay Buckingham was AMAZING. His voice is still pretty bang on and he played the shit out of his guitars. And Mick Fleetwood was absolutely ashtonishing. He played like a teenager. He is obviously still in love with the music. John is pretty laid back and chilled but so amazingly talented. Thanks boys for pulling this one out of the toilet. Stevie, honey I think you need to take care of a few things before you can give people the performace they deserve.