Friday, October 01, 2010

Live Nation counts on concert warhorses (Like Fleetwood Mac) to revive ticket sales

Live Nation counts on concert warhorses to revive ticket sales next year - "The concert business will end 2010 on a sour note, Live Nation Executive Chairman Irving Azoff told analysts today.

'We're still not seeing a consumer recovery' in ticket sales, after a summer when revenues declined, Azoff said at a meeting organized by Liberty Media. Liberty owns 14% of Live Nation, the No. 1 owner of concert halls and, with Ticketmaster, an e-commerce powerhouse.

Next year may improve, he said, as hitmakers who sat on the sidelines in 2010 plan major tours. He's especially optimistic that the cast of the TV show Glee, Van Halen, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, and Fleetwood Mac will fill arenas and ampitheaters."


  1. OK The MAC touring again next year??
    I was under the impression that with Stevie Nicks releasing her new album in 2011 & then PLEASE a solo tour for that, anything MAC would not happen until 2012, and then a new album?? Gotta say, the main reason to go to a Fleetwood Mac concert has mainly been to see Stevie!! SOOOOOOO I cannot really see hoards of people paying to see just "The Men of Mac" Sorry but true!
    Stevie Nicks deserves to have the spotlight on her for bit. LONG OVERDO!! THAT is a concert I would pay top dollar for!!!

  2. Well, I know who I'd pay to see in the MAC and my eyes wouldn't be on Stevie but on a certain man called Lindsey!!

  3. Each to their own...
    Now if they could get a tour together with Stevie, Christine and the boys, that would be worthwhile... bet that line-up would sell out every venue!! Still, I dream about a new Fleetwood Mac album with ALL new music !!!
    Long Overdo!! And I agree, I am really looking forward to the Stevie Nicks release next year with great NEW material!!

  4. I'm betting Stevie will tour solo in spring/summer when her album comes out...and then F. Mac will tour in the fall. Stevie will be one busy girl next year.

  5. I doubt they will tour the same year. If Stevie tours in 2011, then Fleetwood Mac will wait till 2012. And Stevie has recently said that the Mac may very well record a new album after all. So if that happens it would probably be recorded in 2012 and then they may not tour till 2013.

  6. Yeah, I don't think they would tour in the same year either.... Stevie would be too exhausted unless her tour is short, she takes a break then if maybe FM started off their tour in Europe or Australia late in the year and begin in North America the beginning of 2012. But I still think it'll be 2012 or beyond before we see FM back out on the road extensively. And I'd like to see an album from them first...