Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Secret Love" Video Screen Caps

The daughter of Glen Parrish, Stevie's former Manager, is the younger version of Stevie in the bottom two screen caps... That's Stevie in the top photo.  

The video Dave Stewart produced, and is editing hasn't premiered just yet... But we are getting closer.  Teaser number 566 from Dave Stewart screen captures from the "Secret Love" video... Looks awesome even though I have no idea what it means.  But the word "dreamscapes" comes to mind - an adjective Dave used months ago when describing what was being filmed.  So knowing that there is a younger version of Stevie (the daughter of Glen Parrish) in the video and given the fact that the song is from the mid 70's... It looks as if we are going to be travelling back in time.  Coincidently I always thought that the ending of the song Secret Love just before it abruptly ends sounded like the music was in reverse.  Imagine video clips whizzing by at a fair clip while that last bit plays.

"Hey Stevie Nicks Fans , here a few screen grabs from the video we are editing for "Secret Love" from the movie "In Your Dreams" anyone recognize the green dress ?"

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  1. I hope to hell Dave Stewart knows what he's doing as a video director. In a Stevie Nicks video I want to see Stevie looking beautiful, not some other female extra trying to look sexy(especially a woman much younger than Stevie). Why would you have a young woman in a Stevie video anyway? Seems odd to me. I hope he doesn't screw it up. Stevie needs the video to be a hit on VH1 or the song will be dead in the water.

    Great muscians do not always make great filmmakers. I hope Stevie isn't placing too much on Dave.

  2. I have to agree. For some reason the young girl doesn't even closely resemble Stevie soooooo....yikes* I too hope she hasn't placed too much faith in Dave. Hopefully, we'll eat these words later on....hopefully! I'm a huge SN fan..huge...but so far.. I'm skeeered. My verdict is still out on Secret Love. sniff sniff* She's soo awesome and well...I just want her to continue to rock the world. (IMHO)

  3. A video hit on VH1? They don't even play videos nowadays, except maybe at like four in the morning! There's no such thing as a "video hit" anymore unless you're talking about a video going viral on YouTube.

  4. Stevie fans want to see STEVIE in a stevie video. I dont get it...

  5. Jeez everyone, it's a screen cap which for all we know could be a "flashback" sequence, or something altogether different, like showing some young girl inspired by Stevie, etc. Who knows? In any case, I'm extremely excited about this release. I LOVE "Secret Love"! She sounds so fresh, and the sound is perfect - sounds exactly like her style, and sounds modern without trying to cater to any trends. This is probably why all her stuff sounds as great today as it did whenever it was released. And no doubt this song will sound just as awesome 10, 15, + years from now.