Thursday, March 17, 2011

Episode Centered Around Fleetwood Mac's Rumours

'Glee' scoop:
Entertainment Weekly
Deadline Hollywood

 GLEE creator Ryan Murphy told reporters last night in Los Angeles that the plan in the near future is to center an episode around Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 album Rumours.  Murphy says the show’s creators have long wanted to do an episode devoted to an album as opposed to an artist, and their wish has come true: Glee has been granted the rights to Fleetwood Mac’s legendary album, “Rumors,” so that episode is in the works.

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  1. Great news! I wonder if "Silver Springs" will be included in this episode being that it was originally supposed to be on that album... Silver Springs is one of those songs I'd love to see the Glee cast take on in multi-harmony. And of course, "Dreams" would be another one that could be naturally expected to do very well. I wonder if we will get to see Stevie Nicks make any guest appearance??? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    Patiently waiting for the "Secret Love" Video... any more on that yet????

  2. I haven't heard anymore on the video, but I'm patiently waiting like you... It'll be great when it finally debuts... The Glee thing when it happens will be huge especially if it's the first episode to focus on a full album... Looking forward to it!

  3. I like Glee but IM abit too scared to watch this upcoming episode because Im afraid theyll probably ruin the song(s) but I have too...its FLEETWOOD MAC! <3

  4. I didn't watch the show all that much until Stevie Nicks' visit to the set and their subsequent cover of Landslide, albeit the Dixie Chicks version. But I do realize what the show is doing for music in general - introducing new generations to all kinds of music - is an amazing thing! Not to mention the increase in royalties Stevie's apparently receiving from writing the song. I may be mistaken, but doesn't the actual songwriter get the royalties (or at least a large percentage), regardless of the singer of their song? So Landslide (Glee's, the Dixie Chicks', Smashing Pumpkins', or Fleetwood Mac's) maybe just that for Stevie - a Landslide - when it comes to monetary returns; in those respects, regardless of how the cast handles the Rumours album, it's a great deal for Stevie as well as Fleetwood Mac to have their music once again re-introduced to up & coming generations; not to mention having their music once more grace the top of the world’s various music charts through the 'Glee-Effect' (much like the 'Oprah-Effect') phenomenon. It keeps them and their music alive.
    With producer Jimmy Iovine on American Idol, I wonder if there's a chance of Stevie making some sort of appearance as a mentor or otherwise this season... maybe even with Rod Stewart???

  5. I do not and will not watch Glee. Please no Fleetwood Mac Glee episodes!

  6. Well, you obviously like music or you wouldn’t have posted here. No one's forcing anyone to "watch" Glee, after all, it is pretty much geared towards a younger age group, but that's just it... if you like the music of Fleetwood Mac as well as Stevie Nicks, you should indeed be supportive of this show's amazing ability to introduce music to younger generations who’ve never heard it. Once again, look at Glee's recent version of "Landslide" at the top of the charts, right alongside the Dixie Chicks and Fleetwood Mac. The great thing is, no matter what song the Glee cast decides to do, their version as well as the original resurfaces on the music charts, once again climbing its way back to the top. So, regardless of the ‘nay-saying’ of the musical ‘Debbie-downers,’ let the children sing Fleetwood Mac.

  7. I hope they have Puck sing "Dreams". I've always thought a good male singer could do this song justice, and Mark Salling has the best voice on GLEE.