Sunday, May 01, 2011

NICK OF TIME - Stevie Nicks Full Page Article in today's New York Post

Stevie Nicks Still Hooked on Fleetwood Mac
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Page 42 in the Pulse Section
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  1. I do not believe the stuff she supposedly said in the article about Lindsay Lohan one bit. This article is sooo slanted toward getting at Lohan, that it makes me feel it was written by Kitty Kelly (the poisen pen) Hack.

  2. Stevie has no business slamming anybody. She has pulled alot of BS in effort to have her lacky's score cocaine for herself. What a hypocrite!

  3. You have to be an idiot to believe this review completely. She doesn't even talk like this. It is an article used to get at Lohan.

  4. Um, the idiot who posted the "Stevie has no business" comment... She's in her Sixties... Cocaine???? She's Been There, Done That, & She got over it, Still Alive, & is STILL Beautiful & Relevant!!! Let's just see if Lindsay Wanna-Be-Lohan is there when she ever even imagines reaching that age!!! I'm not holding my breath.

    Yes, people make mistakes ALL the time... it's when they learn from their mistakes to tell their story to another that is the light at the end of the journey...

    Stevie is a great dreamer & story-teller, Lindsay Lohan can only try an imitate that... and will never succeed...

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