Sunday, May 01, 2011

(Review) Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams"

A new solo album from rock legend and beloved quasi-mystical figure Stevie Nicks should be cause for celebration. From a year's worth of tweets by producer Dave Stewart to a predictably fawning Rolling Stone profile, the lead-up to Nicks's In Your Dreams has certainly built a fever-pitched level of anticipation among the singer's die-hard fans. But In Your Dreams indulges in some of Nicks's worst tendencies as a songwriter and is slathered in chintzy, dated production values.....

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Stevie Nicks  "In Your Dreams" *  ½

Only misfire are some critics. Fans 'get' Nicks!


  1. Did we hear the same album? Not getting this critic at all.

  2. Chintzy and dated? It's the sleekest and most modern cd of her career.
    Her writing has never been better. Classic storytelling.
    Rolling Stone has been historically rough on her too. WH, RAL and OSOTM all recieved harsh reviews at the time. RS has increased the star ratings of all these CDs over time, perhaps realizing the genious behind them or realizing they were entirely too rough on her originally.
    Everyone, including Nicks herself, recognizes Street Angel as the nadir of her career, and Shangrila saw her back on the ascencion. In Your Dreams sees her back at the pinnacle where she belongs.
    This critic is a tool and a fool.

  3. A predictably fawning Rolling Stone profile???? Check your facts before writing a column. Journalism 101.

  4. Is this guy for real????

  5. WHAT! This guy knows nothing about REAL MUSIC!!!

    The Amazon Album Sales numbers say differently:


    Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #3 in Music (See Top 100 in Music)

    #1 in Music Classic Rock > Album-Oriented Rock
    #2 in Music > Rock
    #3 in Music > Pop

  6. Looking at where the article come from... This Review is completely SLANTED!

  7. I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!! I just told him exactly how I feel about his idiotic review! If anyone wants to follow suit, here is his personal email:

    NOBODY messes with "THE YEAR OF STEVIE NICKS!!!" Not on my watch... Lol ;)