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(Review) Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams' ★★★ 1/2 (out of 5) proves the front woman of Fleetwood Mac still has plenty of notes in her singing

Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams
Written in Music
by Robert Schuster on May 22, 2011
★★★ 1/2 Stars (out of 5)

Translated from Dutch

Ten years after her last solo album Trouble In Shangri-La is back with Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams . The album was produced by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) and Glen Ballard (Alanis Morissette, among others, Michael Jackson and Annie Lennox), and proves that the nearly 63-year-old frontwoman of Fleetwood Mac is still plenty of notes on her singing to be able to convince.

In Your Dreams kicks off with the new single Secret Love , a new adaptation of a demo / outtake they already recorded in 1976. It's a nice opener that immediately shows us that her unique voice none of their power and finesse has lost and the ravages of time gloriously has endured. For What It ' s Worth has a simple, catchy melody and gives its beauty after a few spins price. The first three seconds of the title song In Your Dreams you think the intro of the hit TV series Friends to recognize but soon turns into a solid uptempo track that reminds of the latest albums by Fleetwood Mac.

The following five tracks is the musical heart of the album and know the level of the album to a higher level. Starting with the dark and menacing sounding Wide Sargasso Sea , by its tension remains intriguing. New Orleans is a beautiful tribute and back support to this by a natural disaster stricken city and its inhabitants and Moonlight (A Vampire ' s Dream) is a fine, well-constructed song with great eloquence. Annabel Lee , inspired by the same name and last poem by American author Edgar Allen Poe, even among the best songs from the solo repertoire of Stevie Nicks, it's perfectly together and convincing from the first second to the powerful final chord. Soldier ' s Angel finally did not initially rafts in the recordings with Dave Stewart. Because Stevie still love this song on the album, she wanted the assistance of none other than Lindsey Buckingham, who built it quite a minimalist number clearly a further move in the right direction gives.

After this beautiful song drops the plate unfortunately do something. Everybody Loves You and You May Be The One of a significantly lower level, Italian Summer gets from the beautiful string arrangement and the summer sensation that evokes the benefit of the doubt and the final track Cheaper Than Free , a duet with producer Dave Stewart (the number will also be on his new solo album, The Blackbird Diaries come to it), sounds even totally unnecessary. With lyrics like "What's Faster Than a fast car, a beating heart" and "what's cheaper Than free, you and me, I'm sure that Stevie and Dave together on creative and supportive level that have, unfortunately, this provides a completely stress-free number on. The solid rocker Ghosts Are Gone , with powerful guitar work and an early end, however, is again excellent.

In summary, In Your Dreams a fairly successful new album by Stevie Nicks, which is eagerly looking forward to a new Fleetwood Mac album, reportedly in 2012. First comes in September, the new solo album from Lindsey Buckingham. We wait with baited breath!

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