Friday, June 10, 2011

BBC Radio 2 moves Stevie Nicks Single "Secret Love" to the A List!

Week Commencing June 11th
"Secret Love" Moves up to the A List.

For the week commencing June 4th Stevie's single "Secret Love" was added to the B List playlist on BBC Radio 2 in the UK which guaranteed approximately 10 plays per week on the UK's most popular station.  Effective June 11th - the song moves over to the A List which increases it's weekly plays to around 20!  Great news!!!

How is the playlist selected?

Week Commencing June 4th
The Playlist Committee, made up of producers and chaired by Jeff Smith, Head of Music Radio 2, meet each week to decide which new releases will be added to the station's playlist.

The playlist contains about 30 tracks which are divided into three levels: A list, which receive the most plays, about 20 each week; B list 10 plays and the C list around 5 plays.

The Radio 2 playlist is one of the most varied of any radio station in the UK and can include albums as well as singles. Before any track can be considered it must be commercially available or be within 4 weeks of commercial availability.

"In Your Dreams" will be released in the UK on June 27th. Pre-order through itunes or Amazon... Or get the bonus track edition through HMV


  1. That's good news. Now when is the second sigle being released in America? And no I don't count Soldiers Angel as single release.

  2. Yay!clue) The third single is always key. One can only pray, IYD airplay is a top priority for Warner/Reprise.

  3. Will airplay and radioplay in the UK reignite Secret Love by Stevie Nicks s' airplay in the US? Is it still being played in the US on the radio?