Wednesday, June 22, 2011

STEVIE NICKS single "Secret Love" Remains on the A LIST on BBC Radio 2

"Secret Love" 3rd Week on the A LIST
for a 3rd consecutive week in the UK on BBC Radio 2 commencing June 25th "Secret Love" is on the A List.  This guarantees the track a bunch of plays across a bunch of Radio 2 programmes!  
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This is great news leading up to the release of In Your Dreams on June 27th and will surely boost it's standing on the overall Top 100 UK Radio airplay charts where last week the song leaped from # 113 to # 54.  See this post


  1. Apparantly the Brits got better taste than us Yanks!! Secret seems to be much better recieved over there. Congrats Stevie!!

  2. What type of radio stations in the UK is Secret Love by Stevie nicks getting airplay and radio play on? I mean what format?