Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fleetwood Mac take a GIANT leap up the Billboard Top 200 + Lindsey Buckingham Tour Stats

Billboard Magazine 
Week ending September 25th, issue date October 8th:

The big news this week isn't the fact that both Lindsey and Stevie drop off the Top 200 Albums Chart this week with Seeds We Sow and In Your Dreams, but that Fleetwood Mac's 1977 Rumours album continues to sell so well 34 years after it's initial release.  Again this week the album re-enters multiple Billboard charts, most notibly the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart where it re-enters at # 74 on a 328% sales increase or 6,293 total units sold vs 1,470 units sold the week prior.  The massive increase is likely due to Amazon's deeply discounted mp3 album download that saw the title being sold for as little as $3.99 last week.  Even today the album can be bought for $5.99 as an mp3 download on Amazon.  To date Rumours has sold 2,891,943 albums in the US since November, 1991 when Soundscan began tracking over the counter sales.

No such luck for Lindsey's Seeds We Sow on the Top 200, even though Amazon had the album for most of last week discounted down to as little as $4.99 the album drops off the Top 200 this week.  Seeds We Sow in it's 3rd week of release remains on the Top 200 Current Albums Chart falling from # 132 last week to # 177 this week.  On the Top Independent Albums Chart, the album remains in the Top 40 at # 38 down from # 32 last week.

Back to Rumours:  On the Top Digital Albums Chart, Rumours re-enters at # 24 this week while on the Top Catalogue Albums Chart the album re-enters at the # 4 place right behind The Beatles at # 1, Adele and Amy Winehouse.

Stevie's In Your Dreams drops out of the Top 200 Albums chart this week along with the Top 200 Current Albums Chart and the Top 50 Rock Albums Chart.  Her new single "For What It's Worth" remains on the Top 30 AC Charts holding steady at # 26 for a second week.

Complete charts below.  Previous week in parenthesis.


Billboard Top 200 Current Albums Chart
# 177 (132) Lindsey Buckingham - Seeds We Sow

Billboard Top Independent Albums Chart
# 38 (32) Lindsey Buckingham - Seeds We Sow

Billboard Top Digital Albums
# 24 (-) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (Re-entry)

Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart
# 74 (-) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (Re-entry)

Billboard Top Catalogue Albums Chart
# 4 (-) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (Re-entry)

Billboard Top 30 AC Charts
# 26 (26) Stevie Nicks - For What It's Worth

On the tour front, Seeds We Sow Tour attendance to the first 3 shows reported by promoters to Boxscore have been published.  Attendance average based on these first 3 is at 73% which is higher so far then his last two tours ended up after a majority of the dates had been published... It's early yet so provided more stats are published on more dates, this will change.

For the week ending September 26, 2011

# 99 (82) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

#  8 (12) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of
# 13 (14) Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
# 31 (27) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
# 40 (33) Stevie Nicks - Crystal Visions The Very Best Of

For the week ending September 24, 2011

# 19 (-) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours


  1. 510 people in Chicago. What a fanbase. He is listed as having one of hte worst solo careers in rock music;

  2. Were Stevie's In Your Dreams shows on the Boxscore charts? I would like to see those.

  3. One date of Stevie's In Your Dreams Tour was published:

    8/19/11 - Toledo, Ohio
    Attendance: 2,915
    Available Seats: 7,582
    Gross: $213,374
    Average Ticket Price: $73.20
    % Attendance: 38%

  4. The chart doesn't show the the show in Pittsburgh (Munhall, PA) on Sept. 20. But I can tell you that the house was easily 95% full.

  5. I saw the Stevie's show in Holmdel NJ last month [seats around 10,000 with lawn seats included] probably 98% filled!!!!