Thursday, September 29, 2011

Video: Watch Lindsey Buckingham on Morning Joe MSNBC

Photos by Drew Katchen - Morning Joe Blog
Fleetwood Mac guitarist and vocalist Lindsey Buckingham joined the show today to discuss his new record "Seeds We Sow" and actress Goldie Hawn stopped by to discuss her new book "10 Mindful Minutes."


  1. dear god what happened to goldie's face

  2. ^looks to me like either collagen shifted, downward, or a bad chin implant that stands out now because she has jowls now or shifted collagen to the side of her chin, lower than her chin- she definitely has the surgery-past-expiration date look.
    As for Lindsey, that is not natural aging, either- the high forehead looks botoxed to death starting 3 inches above his eyebrow, so he was clever and didn't botox the lower forehead which has some natural creases, but the top of his healooks odd. Also, much of his eyebrows appear to have fallen out, which is natural aging- soon he'll have none- but the eye pencil on the cd cover and in the professional sill photography work well- face on, he looks pretty good.
    This profile shot show that both Hawn and Buckingham have had some peculiar work done that likely looks better full face than in profile.

  3. typo, sorry in 6th line, should be- 'top of his head looks odd' - to me.

    Goldie and Lindsey both are attractive people, and it is the entertainment industry, so it's understandable if they indulge in a bit of surgery- Lindsey had way less work done than Goldie did, and with the botox done so very high up on his forehead, in time, it will then smooth out his lower forehead lines- smart!
    Goldie didn't think ahead.