Sunday, November 13, 2011

Download: NEW Interview with Stevie Nicks 702 ABC Sydney Nov 14th

What a fun interview!... Stevie Nicks on "Breakfast with Adam Spencer" on ABC Sydney Monday November 14, 2011 (Australia).  The interview starts off with Adam asking Stevie about her performing in 1986 in Sydney Australia back when she tagged along on the Bob Dylan/Tom Petty tour and was ordered to stop performing because she had no work visa... Plus she talks about the David Letterman incident where he kept on trying to get her on his show... Plus they talk about drugs, Michael Jackson, Rumours...writing Silver Springs, her recent appearance at the Bill Clinton event in Los Angeles... 

Good interview!  About 10 minutes long.

Download Now at 702 ABC Sydney

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  1. Ok can't believe I'm about to phrase this in this way but she was adorable (yes I know she's 63), funny, ever hip and yes it was a fun interview. It is SO good to see her looking so good and happy. She radiates a new found youth and vitality but infused with hard earned wisdom. She was funny, humble and just seems like she is having the time of her life right now. Rock on Stevie!