Monday, November 28, 2011

Video: Stevie Nicks Presenting at the ARIAs

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Photo by Richard Wilkins


  1. Fabulous Red Gown ... Stevie is so magical

  2. She looks GREAT in that red outfit. So SO much better than the standard black dress. Rock on Stevie!!

  3. Someone should tell Stevie that as she ages wearing black highlights wrinkles. She looks so young and beautiful in this red outfit. You would think she herself would be tired of the same old black, it's almost a joke at this point.

  4. That was an very well placed ad for IN YOUR DREAMS by her record company.

  5. One tends to forget how tiny Stevie is!! She looks just beautiful in this red outfit! I wish she would stop hiding between people like she does though - I also love Stevie in black. That is her trademark color and she is probably more comfortable in it as black is slimming. She has ventured out in more colors as of late which is wonderful! Stevie is a beautiful woman, no matter what. She should wear what makes her comfortable and confident.

  6. ^
    I respect your right to your opinion, but disagree, a lot. Black is NOT slimming on someone just a tad over five feet tall, and she's a very pretty woman, but she's 63, and the black has been a very aging look for her for years, now. This red is very cool, it brings out tones in her skin and hair that get washed away in the black- she'd also look awesome in pale colors, this is a big deal. It's a step that could help her career- everyone who has cared to, has seen black dressed Stevie many times in concert- if she is photographed wearing 5 different colors in the coming weeks, i promise to buy an additional 5 copies of 'In Your Dreams' before Christmas. If she ditches the black entirely for her rumored U.S. 2012 solo tour, I'll buy 100 copies of the cd- now that's ''sick of the damned black already!''
    Also, at her age, always being in black looks like she's ready for her own funeral and it's just morbid.
    Black is for the young- someone 5 foot 7 or taller with some extra pounds can hide some weight in black and have it be slimming- but for a short person, it is just dreary and it really did her figure no favors. Love the red- now some 'gold dust' color, then a very pale green, lavender, pink, whatever.
    Vertical stripes over a checkered Italian diner tablecloth pattern would be better than the black!
    Also, sing effin 'Italian Summer' and 'Wide Sargasso' already, just have reverb and some of the chic and still singing-well Sharon Celani on the final note if that's her reason for not singing 'IS'. ''Bawk bawk bawk''- Chicken-Nicks! Really, just kidding.
    Anyway, nice dress.

  7. ^
    What a funny post lol.

    Stevie looks amazing - so glad the black 1996 dress took a night off - good riddance.

  8. :)....My idol since high school; always will be.

  9. Some of you people need to get a life! If she wants to wear black, so be it! She happens to look great in black - I just saw her in person, up close and she was just beautiful. It really doesn't matter what she wears anyway - it's THAT VOICE and always will be....she is also just as kind as she is beautiful and that's important!

  10. I know many are getting tired of the focus on the clothes, but I agree with the majority of the posters. Remember the Tusk tour and how fantastic she looked in flowing red, mauve, burgundy, teal blue and pink? Black is good as part of the whole, but I love this simple red FLOWING dress, over the newer "rock-n-roll-mama" tacked-up drapery-style ones, simply because they're more flattering, overall. The scarf adds a nice little touch too. I miss those vintage 40's hats she wore from the Rock a Little publicity stills too, so elegant. Lucky for Stevie, she's beautiful in just about anything she wears, with a voice could melt the Arctic.

  11. I agree with the above post. It would also look better if her dresses were a little longer. What about the dusters she used to wear? That would provide a more "flowing" look where some of the stage clothes she wears now have a tendency to chop her in half and make her look heavier than she is and shorter. Stevie does look great in hats! No bad hair days then! lol

  12. ^^ ''Some of you people need to get a life'' and ''so be it'' if she wants to wear black- okay, that's valid in a way that is not a bit defensive and doesn't address what is a problem, whether you see it that way or not. Her career is suffering, if nobody has brought it to your attention.
    I truly care far more about her music than her choice of clothing, but it has become a matter of 'omh she's that old singer always in a black dress singing 'Stand Back' or the 'she's getting older, too' song--- ''GETTING older???,'' then laughter -- these comments from a 22 year old and a 17 year old this Thanksgiving, less than a week ago,
    Most of us get older, can't hold that against Nicks. Hanging on to a basic look she's had in her 20s- not good for the career.
    She looks great in black and you saw her up close? I've seen SN ''up close'' since the 1980's and for more than ten years, the black makes her look boxy and the layers at her hips add weight. You may think she looks great in black, and if you think so, you do, so think so- but truth told, it makes her look old and washes out her skin tone- look at her on stage in the red dress next to the very tall man- her skin is glowing and she looks more than 20 years younger than she normally does. The face especially benefirs, Gorgeous. "Know your colors''- Fashion 101. Not ''know your colors 34 years ago''- that's why this shade of red and sty;e of dress was so refreshing- much better than the 'Unleashed' tour deeper red dress.
    I stand by comments, especially that at 63, she looks ready for a waiting coffin- it does not work for her, and if everyone knows it's going to be another black dress tour, well, lets have hope for a thriving twilight of her career. Look at all the unreported ( management choice) for the larger venues she played, it's a poorly kept secret that the short US tour was kept short because of low demand for her in The States, and I love her performances. She didn't exactly convert the youth market en masse with the IYD cd, it was the long time fans who continue to support her, and we've all seen the boxy black ill-cut layered dresses with clunky hip area ear-gear box. Who hears through their hips? Buy some new gear already that doesn't bulk her up- it exists!
    We don't want her to be like that old actress who played the farm girl on 'The Beverly Hillbillies' and decades later she'd be on talk shows in her 'Elly Sue' costume and she looked like a very sad, clueless parody of her youth, pigtails, blue jeans and all. Like SN, it was her ''costume''.
    SN's youth is GONE, even though she is still lovely and can look amazing . Highlight that skin and hair, and finally, she actually has a waist in that red dress!!
    SN looked awesome in black when she was young and wore it fantastically well, it was great. For years, she's been approaching ''Elly'' territory.
    I completely agree with you that it's ALL about her voice, that much is very true, and I love the vocals on the latest cd. So, it's not that you're wrong. And the person below this comment that I an responding to, a big ''Amen'' about the dresses needing to be longer and cut better.
    Another thanks to the person who saw the humor in the original post, the stripes over a checkered Italian diner tablecloth being better than black.
    Much of it was tongue in cheek. Sorry.
    Think I'll go get that life it was suggested I get, fir disliking a dress color more suitable for embalming than performing at age 63.
    Think I'll get that life RIGHT now.
    Or, maybe tomorrow.

  13. I am a blonde and I wear a lot of black. I always get comments when I wear a different color. However, you need to wear what you are comfortable in. Stevie is starting to venture out "beyond the black" and isn't that a good thing? This has turned into quite an entertaining topic.

  14. I think Stevie should start wearing white gold or platinum jewelery. Gold is so dated and the white gold would look so pretty and soft on her. I know she is well known for her gold crescent moon pendant but maybe she should change it to a white gold crescent moon.

  15. Gosh some people are so rude. "She should wear this, she should wear that, that doesn't suit her, looks like she's getting ready for her own funeral". C'mon seriously?? Stevie should wear what ever she likes & feels comfortable in. Whether it be black, red, green, white, brown & so on. Why is there always so much scrutiny around what people wear? Who cares. Any way, at 63 Stevie still looks amazing in what ever she wears & is still a style icon around the world!! And remember, photos don't always do people justice!

  16. I agree. People are being rude. Stevie looks extraordinary for being 63. I just saw a video from one of her recent concerts on YouTube and there were several "zoomed in" shots for her and she looked incredible! Sure there are times when she looks alittle tired but who wouldn't with the way she tours? She is what every singer should inspire to be. I have been a fan of hers for 35 years.