Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Exciting News for Stevie Nicks Fans... YOU could be in her documentary!

"In Your Dreams" Documentary Fan Video Submission

Weapons of Mass Entertainment is looking for an additional element to compliment the nearly complete In Your Dreams Documentary... They are looking for fan submitted video clips telling Stevie what she or the album "In Your Dreams" mean to you.  This is an exciting opportunity for anyone really, but most especially Stevie's fans!  Your video, which Stevie will likely see in the selection process could be included in the documentary!  So get crackin'...and get filming...  

Deadline for fan video submissions is 
FEBRUARY 1, 2012

Full details at Stevie's official website The Nicksfix


  1. Good Lord, if they haven't finished the documentary yet, we won't see it til SN is 99.
    Fans fawning? Great idea.
    Anyone remember the old man contemplating smoking a pipe as he drove his town car in a Vh1 "Fanatic'' episode? -- An 80-something year old man, seriously, quoting the lines " I have always been a storm'' as the song he most related to-
    Anyone learn from it?
    Cut the fan-friendly crap and get the documentary out- or, don't. It's too late now already for it to do the cd any good!

  2. What a cool idea! I think the fans should be heard. Stevie herself said this album is kind of a retrospect of the past 30+ years of her career, it would be interesting to see what her dyed-in-the-wool fans have to say about it.

  3. I'd make a video but I have no proper video camera Or I'd rather tell her in person than in video. But it's a massive opportunity for everyone :)

  4. ^
    I guess you are right, commenter #3.
    I'd rather see a kitchen-sink all inclusive unedited documentary than one that's been tinkered with so much, but it is nice to include fans. Some smart fans can make the most of it, but many times, the fans look dumb and the singer looks like they need the validation- ''talking heads'' is so 1999. The 'making of' the cd was the documentary I hoped to see back in May or June. Live Wiltern footage or rehearsal of the new songs would have been plenty of a bonus, really. Adding fan testimonials just seems like another reason to further delay the project, but it's her dvd.
    It will be nice to finally be able to purchase it, so it's all good.
    Chill, #1. Maybe 65, but before she's 99 !

  5. I can’t see the point of putting fan reviews on the DVD. We all know how fantastic Stevie is and I would rather see a further 10 mins or so of Stevie than of us fans!! Have they run out of contents for the DVD?

  6. Some pretty strong comments here, and I feel guilty for adding my own. I hope this isn't just a marketing scheme to get more fans to buy the DVD. I mean, we're all going to purchase it, right? Like other commentators, I'd rather it be a quality piece of work without cheesy fan clips making us squirm in our seats with embarrassment. But who knows, it could be great. Stevie just lost her mother and if she read these comments now she'd really be heartbroken!

  7. Totally looking forward to the release of the DVD...
    As for the fan clip? I agree with the last comment, don't make us squirm!
    There is a lot of love out there for Stevie... Please be cautious in your selection... It would make it very awkward and embarrassing to watch a "freaky fan".... There are people out there who live and breathe Stevie... And they really need to get a life! I'm sure they are harmless, but the don't represent all Stevie fans.... Thx...
    Let keep it classy!

  8. Guys calm down, it says Stevie will likely see these in the selection process, and she isn't going to let them put some creepy, awkward fan in the documentary, I submitted a video and i really hope it gets in there. I hope that the clips will be put in well, and not just awkwardly thrown in... But i'm sure the people making the documentary know what they are doing...

  9. Ya, wasn't this documentary supposed to come out with the cd or shortly there-after..? Come on Stevie..Just make a Biopic already! Your not getting any younger <3