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Stevie Nicks on PBS Tonight. "The Ultimate Buddy Party" begins airing

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"Buddy Holly The Ultimate Buddy Party" Premieres Tonight on PBS in both the US and Canada.  

PBS will premiere “Buddy Holly: Listen To Me/The Ultimate Buddy Party” tonight with performances of his songs by Stevie Nicks, Chris Isaak, Lyle Lovett, Graham Nash, Raul Malo, Paul Anka, Boz Scaggs and several others at a 75th birthday concert that was filmed in Hollywood in September.

Stevie Nicks and some of her band members, Waddy Wachtel, Sharon Celani and Lori Nicks perform "Not Fade Away" plus she also performed "It's So Easy" this night although I'm not sure if "It's So Easy" is included on the show.. I hope it is.

The Listen To Me: Buddy Holly website have compiled a list of ALL PBS stations that will be airing the show and when... There are a lot of opportunities during the month of December to catch the show... Click through to the Listen To Me: Buddy Holly site and up top is the link to the schedule.  It's a pdf file.

The DVD of this program should also be made available during the broadcast.  It looks like it's an exclusive with PBS and not sold in stores yet.


Okay... Saw this last night (Dec 3rd) What a great show and Stevie was really great!!  She sang both "Not Fade Away" plus the Linda Ronstadt tune "It's So Easy". She sounded so good on both! She should do "Not Fade Away" in concert, it's a fun song!

If you are planning on catching this on PBS be warned that Stevie sings "Not Fade Away" right at the beginning of the program, so you won't want to miss the beginning.  It's pledge drive month at PBS so the show was interrupted by PBS announcers asking for contributions.  Part of the deal is with a large enough contribution, the DVD can be yours. Stevie's "It's So Easy" came on about 35 minutes into the program that I saw - but this may vary depending on the market.  In any case.. both songs were great, Stevie looked great, Waddy, Sharon and Lori were with her on Stage... Lori, Sharon and Waddy were on stage practically all night playing.  And I saw her Neice Jessica in the audience when the camera was panning around.

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