Thursday, January 19, 2012

It Happened... 19 Years Ago Today: Fleetwood Mac reunite to perform "Don't Stop" live

January 19, 1993: 
The most famous lineup of Fleetwood Mac reunited to perform "Don't Stop" live at President Bill Clinton's inauguration in Washington, DC.

Clinton had made the Fleetwood Mac song "Don't Stop" the theme to his campaign. 

Fleetwood Mac, Sounding a Positive Note Again But Gala Performance is a One-Shot Deal.
Washington Post, January 19, 1993


  1. Thank God for The Dance to erase that train wreck...

  2. i remember wincing through the whole performance.
    and thinking i was relieved they weren't going to reunite again.

    who knew four years later they would come back with such strength?

  3. How random that MJ just pops up in the middle of the song!

  4. I was at President Clinton's Inaurural Gala and Fleetwood Mac's performance was much better live than it appeared on TV. Michael Jackson sand two songs before the Mac, and you could tell he sang the first one live, but the second was lip-synced. Then Barbra Streisand sang three songs and blew the house down. Then after Clinton spoke the Mac did Don't Stop, and the band instruments were on tape, only the vocals were live, so that's why is sounds a bit off. If you look at the end when all the stars from the show came on stage and the camera goes to Lindsey playing his guitar solo you can see he is kind of grinning because he wasn't really playing live. It was a great show all in all though.

  5. Thanks for the insight. It must have been awesome to be there! The outro just went on forever (is that even a word?) and the sound was horrendous. I love me some vintage FM, but that performance - no thank you very much.

  6. It was great to see Christine preform again.
    Hopefully she will be on board for the next and perhaps final FM tour!!

  7. It's hard for me to watch this too since it was mixed horribly to begin with and sounds even crappier replayed from videotape! Also, it's hard to watch pumpkin-faced bloated overweight Stevie! Glad she's now slim, trim and more beautiful than ever.

  8. And on a most trivial note: Christine always had gorgeous legs! Yes, hope she participates again with the Mac!