Monday, June 18, 2012

Tracklist and Artists Revealed for Fleetwood Mac Tribute Album OUT Aug 14th

Fleetwood Mac Tribute Album Tracklist and Artists Revealed:

Album to be released August 14th.  Released through Starbucks Label Hear Music/Concord.  Album is titled "Just Tell Me That you Want Me". The album was produced by Randall Poster and Gelya Robb, who also handled the recent Buddy Holly Tribute album Rave On...

Each artist was given free license to interpret the songs in their own way, which I think is kind of cool!

Fleetwood Mac Tribute Album Track Listing

1). "Albatross" - Lee Ranaldo Band Featuring J Mascis (4:16)
2). "Landslide" - Antony (3:33)
3). "Before The Beginning" - Trixie Whitley (4:46)
4). "Oh Well" - Billy Gibbons & Co. (4:45)
5). "Rhiannon" - Best Coast (3:07)
6). "Think About Me" - The New Pornographers (2:56)
7). "Angel" - Marianne Faithfull (4:59)
8). "Silver Springs" - Lykke Li (4:11)
9). "Gold Dust Woman" - Karen Elson (5:43)
10). "Storms" - Matt Sweeney And Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (4:46)
11). "Straight Back" - Washed Out (3:44)
12). "That's All For Everyone" - Tame Impala (3:43)
13). "Sisters Of The Moon" - Craig Wedren with St. Vincent (3:45)
14. "Dreams" - The Kills (4:46)
15). "Gypsy" - Gardens & Villa (4:40)
16). "Tusk" - The Crystal Ark (5:30)
17). "Future Games" - MGMT (9:02)

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  1. Great track listing ... Wish Christine's work was a little more represented, I've heard a few awesome versions of "Little Lies" and "You Make Loving Fun." Love that some obscure stuff like "Straight Back" is represented.

  2. Who are these bands?

  3. I think I've only heard of three of the artists on the list.

  4. Antony is going to sound great doing Landslide.. He's got that same type of vocal wobble that early Stevie did...

  5. I'd only ever heard of The New Pornographers and Marianne Faithfull. The weird thing is that I was just thinking about Marianne Faithfull the other day!

  6. Seems interesting that most of this reflects the pre-BN Fleetwood Mac AND Stevie's FM material, both hits and lesser known cuts.

  7. This is really weird, the track list is missing a lot of their greatest hits. It seems to be mostly Stevie songs. I would think a FM tribute album would have more known artists on it......we will see

  8. Wow!

    MGMT doing "Future Games"??
    Marianne doing "Angel"?
    Best Coast doing Rhiannon??
    Lee from Sonic Youth doing Albatross?

    This is looking to be freaking amazing!!!

  9. Wasn't Michelle Branch supposed to be on this album? Or is that ANOTHER one of these things?

    I know all these artists; don't love em all...some of them plan out su*k. But MGMT doing future games is killer!

  10. Wish they'd included Bob Welch's "Hypnotized", but I can't wait to hear this. Hope they do Straight Back justice. It's one of my favorite Stevie songs.

  11. Definitely great indie cred with this roster of artists, but with the exception of maybe 5 titles, the selection is predictable. The band has a breadth of a musical catalogue that few others can touch. Christine needs more representation here. I can't wait for this nonetheless, however that is the worst album art I've seen in years.

  12. Umm, all I want to hear is Billy Gibbons from ZZTOP (Hello, PEOPLE!!) doing Oh Well. Otherwise, I don't know anyone else except Marianne Faithfull. Geez.

  13. I've long waited to hear Michelle Branch's version on "Say You Love Me", but there's no sign of it in this compilation.
    Why?? What has happened?
    Would thank anyone giving me any update. Thanks.