Tuesday, July 10, 2012

STEVIE NICKS to appear on 'CBS This Morning' Wednesday

(CBS News) Singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks appeared on "CBS This Morning" Wednesday July 11, 2012.  They did a really great video montage at the start of the interview covering her career from when she joined Fleetwood Mac through to today.

watch Stevie on CBS This Morning

Today's Show Rundown from the CBS This Morning website:


  1. She'll "appear"... does that mean she'll perform, just talk, or simply "appear" on a unicorn out of thin air? Vague.

  2. Not likely that she'll perform given her band is in Boston tonight on stage... It's likely an interview.

  3. She handled that with a lot of grace. Gayle I think that's who that was, was pretty awful the way she was asking those old, tired questions. Of all the things she could ask, I thought she was pretty annoying. Stevie full of her usual grace and charm and wisdom.

  4. I feel bad for Stevie, having to suffer being asked about her personal life (however much was played out in public) from 35 years ago, and in such a crass, classless manner. I don't understand how someone employed by a major network news show could think it's OK to ask a major star about that, and to use the word "boinking;" I don't understand how a network could employ someone who would think that was OK. This was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen on TV. I'm not even that much of a fan, but I know what is decent behavior, and will come to Stevie's defense for being subjected to such rudeness. I hope she gave Gayle King a good tongue-lashing off-camera; she really deserved at least that. If I were in position to do so, I would fire her. Someone who doesn't understand where the line is concerning decency doesn't deserve to have a public forum.

  5. Stevie is just as guilty of rehashing the old days as anyone else. She talks up the events of the 70's time and time again.

  6. I doubt she brings up her personal life willingly on her own, nor wants to talk about it at all. She won't shy away from answering questions about it, apparently, but I don't think that is what's in her mind these days. But people engaging in "ambush journalism" bring it up - and she seems ready to deal with them,

    In case people don"t know how this went down ... She had just answered a question from Erica Hill concerning deciding what songs to include on an album. Pretty decent question and answer there. Then out of the blue Gayle King came out with, "There's a great shot of you, looking over at Lindsay. It's well known that the two of you had a thing. There seemed to be a lot of group things, in the group of Fleetwood Mac, a lot of boinking going on in the group. Didn't your mom ever tell you, you're not supposed to get involved with the people that you work with? Did you miss that memo?" Really! Did she think she was getting a scoop? This is very old news, and quite irrelevant to Stevie's current career. This is an Inside Edition type of question, not CBS News. Appalling.

    To her credit, Stevie didn't take the bait, but rather kept her cool, and calmly pointed out that their history went back to high school, when they were in a band before they even started dating, with Gayle King back-pedaling all the way. Even Erica Hill looked embarrassed. CBS News recently revamped their morning show, changing its name from The Early Show, supposedly trying to project a more serious image in an effort to boost their ratings. This was quite the opposite of that.