Wednesday, October 10, 2012

COMING SOON... NEW "In Your Dreams - Stevie Nicks" Website

Dave Stewart announced that a new 
"In Your Dreams - Stevie Nicks" 
website is coming next week!

During this interview in The Hamptons below when asked where people could find out more on the film Dave said a new website will be up next week called inyourdreamsthemovie.

What we can expect to see according to Dave and Stevie is Photos, Outtakes and the future screening dates for the film!



  1. OMG...I walked past them on the way into the theater...that interviewer is something else...Very Long Island or something...At the beginning of the interview Stevie looks like...she's trying not to judge...LOL

  2. New website? Does that mean the old has-been, half-assed, useless Nick Fix is finally GONE?

  3. We will never be rid of The Fix. Even though I never visit, it would be weird knowing that it was no longer there, especially since I've only been a fan since '98 and back then The Fix was all I had lol.

  4. Love it, but they better buy that domain name, like....RIGHT NOW.

    I feel like it's such an extraordinary project for us fans but they're going about this a little halfed a**ed.

  5. This makes my day!!!!!

  6. Go ahead. Make my day!

  7. i was ther loved it!!!!

  8. I love Stevie - that's why I'm here - and Dave's an extraordinarily creative guy but I agree that this whole thing's been upside-down from the beginning. The doc should have coincided with the CD release, or at least shortly thereafter, and what's the point of announcing that a website is "coming soon" in these days of instant Google results? People forget fast. At the very least he should've waited until the site was up and functioning before referring to it. Even better, unveiling the site should have coincided with premieres and press.

    I guess that's what life "in the sandbox" means.