Saturday, November 10, 2012

In Your Dreams Movie Screening Las Vegas... Stevie Nicks & Dave Stewart

Not much has surfaced after last nights screening in Las Vegas of Stevie and Dave's movie "In Your Dreams".  Here's a few twitter pics from the interview / Q&A courtesy of JoAnnKepler @shortyleigh10

Few more details:  There was a private Meet and Greet following the Q&A session with a professional photographer taking pictures of those who attended with Stevie.  Waddy was there as well and according to Maxx (see comments) Stevie sang "Soldiers Angel".
Friday (Nov. 9), Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart hosted a special screening of “In Your Dreams,” a film the pair directed together, followed by a rousing Q&A discussion. Several dozen veterans and active duty military were invited to attend the event as Stevie shared her personal inspiration for the film and discussed her lengthy career.


  1. After having a private meet and greet with Dave Stewart and Stevie Nicks, my fellow veterans and I are sincerely impressed with them on how down to earth and gracious they are. We had a beautiful time with them as Stevie sang "Soldier's Angel" to us. I will forever be a fan!

  2. The movie / documentary was equally as awesome!!

  3. Is that Peter Frampton in the Old Navy hoodie whom Stevie is resting her hand upon?

    Looks like it may be him, but possibly it's someone younger- wild it would be if she got the 'Rock A Little' touring lineup back together. So, is it Frampton, or no? I think yes.

    I think.

  4. No way is that Frampton! I think you have smoked too many doobies in the day!!