Monday, November 19, 2012

Review Lindsey Buckingham South Milwaukee "It was a little strange. It was also fantastic."

"About the concert: It was a little strange. It was also fantastic. Definitely more fantastic than strange."

By Steven Hyden

Lindsey dressed his taut frame in a black leather jacket, a black shirt with the top two buttons undone, and dark slacks. His skin was bronzed and tight, and his chest appeared smooth and shiny. He is a 63-year-old man who could find work as a body double for a member of One Direction. When he walked out onstage, he briefly held a facial expression that said, “I can’t believe I’m playing a high school auditorium on a Saturday night at my age.” But that quickly dissipated. Lindsey got to work. Lindsey played by himself, switching between electric and acoustic guitars. He worked way harder than he had to. He played loud; even on the acoustic, the arpeggios sent shock waves down to my soles. When he sang, he sang with the twitchy, hammy, totally-unnerving-when-you-see-it-in-the-flesh Lindsey Buckingham intensity. “Go Your Own Way” might be a soft-rock oldie that scored a million divorces and 100 million barbecues in the past 35 years, but for Buckingham, it seems like it still kind of means something emotional and painful. When he denounces Stevie Nicks as unfeeling and slutty, he makes you believe the anger is fresh for him. Onstage, Lindsey Buckingham does not seem at all settled.

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  1. The lack of alcohol didn't prevent mutliple standing ovations throughout the performance. :-)

  2. "Unfeeling and Slutty"..... that's great review work right there. LOL

  3. Lindsey has never chased the $$. I saw him in Nashville at a small auditorium and he tore it up. I believe his intention with this tour was to keep the ticket prices low for fans and that meant booking less expensive venues. I'd go see him play in a barn. He's the master wherever he chooses to bestow his gift upon us commoners. I love it that he's different.

  4. A few years ago, near the beginning of the Under The Skin tour, I saw Lindsey in a high school "auditorium" in Lakewood (Cleveland) Ohio. It was actually an amazing performing arts venue (and performance). Comfortable with excellent acoustics. I'd go back to that high school auditorium ANY TIME to see a concert. Glad he is creative in how/where he schedules his performances.

  5. Lindsey has performed solo in Milwaukee 3 times in the last several years. His previous performances were in downtown Milwaukee at the Pabst Theatre:

    No one was more shocked than myself when I read on this very blog (thanks for posting the info!) that he was going to be performing at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center. Not only had I never been there, I didn't even know it existed! I think it would have been a sold out show had the venue promoted it better, but Lindsey apparently had a lot to prove that night anyway. He was determined to convince us, and probably even more so, himself, that he could carry a performance on his own. I, for one, left the theatre a bigger fan than I when I first arrived. Great stuff!