Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Stevie Nicks says about new Fleetwood Mac tunes "These songs sound like they're 30,"

Fleetwood Mac to Release New Music Before Spring Tour
by Gary Graff, Detroit
Billboard Magazine

"These songs sound like they're 30," Stevie Nicks tells Billboard. "It blows my mind. Because we've never stopped, our voices and everything"

Steve Nicks tells Billboard that the group has recorded three songs for release before the band hits the road April 4 in Columbus, Ohio for a 34-city trek that concludes June 12 in Detroit. Two of the tunes, "Sad Angela" and "Miss Fantasy," stem from sessions guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, bassist John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood held earlier this year, while Nicks describes the third as "an old Buckingham Nicks song that, really, we can't either one of us figure out why it didn't go on the record."

The songs were recorded in November at Buckingham's home studio while the quartet was gathered to discuss its tour plans.

"We wanted to have something to put out before we go out, January or February, in whatever way you do that -- iTunes or something," explains Nicks, who says she herself doesn't own a computer or spend time on the Internet. "And since nobody really cares about albums anymore, if you can come up with two or three great songs and just put them out there...people can at least hear how we sound today when it comes to actually recording."

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  1. Looking forward to hearing the new tunes as well as the classics! <3 :)

  2. STEVIE!! Your fans DO want new music!!...Fleetwood Mac is still relevant...so the music business has changed...fine...You thought the same thing before you decided to release "In Your Dreams"...why is this any different????

    Rant over...See you at MSG in NYC!!

  3. Maybe that's what she needs to tell herself to justify earning millions of dollars for singing the songs over and over. Remember in Behind the Music when Sharon says Stevie feels she doesn't give enough back to the fans for all of her "riches?" I think she's over that phase. Bottom line is, if people want to pay to see a performer, it's their choice. I have no doubt the Mac will put on a great show either with or without new material.

  4. Yes, the music business has changed.....but there are still true music lovers that want an entire album with the artwork and the liner notes. Art should always be available in a physical form. No, you won't sell millions, but your main fan base will buy the album. Don't give up on it yet.

  5. it almost seems that Stevie is more concerned with the business side (bottom line, how much money can be made) than the artist side of creating art for the sake of art, which is why she said she did IYD afterall...

  6. I'm suspecting that “an old Buckingham Nicks song that, really, we can't either one of us figure out why it didn't go on the record,” is most likely referring to “Without You,” which is a great Buckingham Nicks song! It would be neat to see a concert with all the 1973 ‘Buckingham Nicks’ songs, as well as the “Coffee Plant Demos” written and recorded around the same time, such as ‘Crystal’ (but have Stevie singing lead), ‘Nomad’ (Candlebright), ‘That's Alright,’ ‘Garbo,’ ‘Sorcerer,’ etc.; after all, taken collectively, like long-forgotten fairytales, they all tell an amazing story when put in their relevant places...

  7. I'm sorry...its perfectly obvious that Lindsey and Stevie and still vital an relevant songwriters...and together are a sort of alchemy rarely---if ever---seen in the music business. Someone needs to stop listening to the assholes giving them bad information. YOUR FANS WANT A NEW FLEETWOOD MAC ALBUM....ISN'T THAT IMPORTANT TO YOU??? No matter what the "Business" is like? For christ sake, get over it.