Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Christine McVie Thrilled with Three Ad using Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere"

Moonwalking Pony Beats Harlem Shake For Most Viral Video On The Internet
Business Insider

A video of a little pony doing the moonwalk to Fleetwood Mac is blowing up on the viral charts. (Watch the video below.)

According to Unruly, which tracks the most-shared videos on YouTube, this ad for U.K. mobile network Three is the most viral video on the internet right now. In fact it beat out two versions of the Harlem Shake (one by "The Simpsons," the other by the Miami Heat) for the number one spot (It's currently #2).

The ad was made by Wieden + Kennedy, the folks who brought us the Old Spice man, and exceeded one million views on YouTube in its first weekend.

But the ad is also very social. Unruly's statistics say it has been shared more than 500k times on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms since it first went online on Friday. It has been shared almost 200k times before noon today alone.

Three is doing its best to make sure that it lives on in the Twitterverse as well. The hashtag #DancePonyDance plays at the end of the video and even other companies are tweeting about it.

Business Insider

Christine Thrilled With Ad
According to a Wieden + Kennedy blog post on their Welcome To Optimism website, Christine has seen the ad and is thrilled they've used "Everywhere" in their ad campaign.

"we got a telephone call from Martin Wyatt, manager of Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, the writer and performer of the song 'Everywhere' that soundtracks the ad. He told us that Christine is "absolutely thrilled to bits" that we used ‘Everywhere’ and wanted to congratulate whoever made the decision to use it in the ad. She "absolutely loves" the ad and has been "glued to the TV all weekend" waiting for it to come back on. Our Three team is a bit starstruck and overwhelmed at this news."

Some stats on The Pony ad as today.

Three - The Pony 
598,498 shares all time
581,958 Facebook shares
16,419 Twitter shares
121 blog posts
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Just for some comparison, here's what unruly have for stats on the other recent ad featuring Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" which began airing in February.

2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad - The Clydesdales: "Brotherhood"

2,657,834 shares all time
2,634,574 Facebook shares
22,565 Twitter shares
695 blog posts


  1. Jeez - they should play this on tour, Christine or no Christine. Obviously they finally caved and made a deal to use their songs in ads. I always liked it that they didn't go this route, but now seems an okay time for it if they must.

  2. I don't know how this stuff works if someone could post something. I thought they needed Christine's permission to use her song?

  3. I LOVE it! ! ! :D Very cute. & Love this song by Christine, it's PERFECT !! Lol ~

    1. So do I! I turn the TV up so I can hear the song better

    2. I have it saved on my pvr.. now that Christine has passed it will stay there forever and for always

  4. Christine sold the rights to her songs in 1998 upon her departure from Fleetwood Mac. Her permission isn't needed to use anything in an ad - just Sony ATV's.

    This is proof that Fleetwood Mac is still very much commercial - especially using Stevie's "Landslide" in the Super Bowl.

  5. Does anyone know if Christine is still visiting Mick, and is she still going to visit Stavie as stated before.

  6. Christine did indeed sell her publishing (Gentoo) but FM sometimes had multiple layers; meaning that "Welsh Witch" (Stevie) and "Now Sounds" (Lindsey) was at least once (MIRAGE) subsumed into "Fleetwood Mac Music." Don't know how it all works legally but it does get complicated. Remember that Stevie sold or leased a portion of her own catalogue to a company affiliated with Michael Jackson. A good deal of the value of a catalogue isn't just about how many units it sells, but how the music can be sold into other markets, like this commercial.

    1. Thxs for more info.. I too like the commericial

  7. I would assume then by the quote, that Christine is back in England. How else would she be "glued to the TV all weekend", waiting to see an advertisement for 3 UK?

    Also, I suspect that Christine's songs (and maybe even Stevie's and Lindsey's too) are partiality owned by a Fleetwood Mac-owned label. For example, I suspect that 'Everywhere' (for example) would be Gentoo and part of the rights would be under Fleetwood Mac. When she sold up, the remaining rights under Fleetwood Mac would remain with Fleetwood Mac. Hence why they would've been able to legally cover her songs on stage in recent years...

    That being said, I also suspect that Christine would still have some sort of financial and legal connection with the band. Part of that would be the money from the remaining shares of the sales of her songs

  8. Thank you for answering my question #4 Anon. . .I wasn't aware she sold the rights to her songs. Thanks! That's interesting.