Friday, October 18, 2013

HERNING: Audience Puzzled by Lindsey Buckingham's Blue Jacket at Denmark Show

Fleetwood Mac Live in Herning, Denmark
October 18, 2013 - Jyske Bank Boxen

The audience being puzzled isn't likely... but I am!  It's so unlike him to change this often!  We saw the leather jacket with blue jeans and a black t-shirt all through North America except for one show at the Mohegan Sun... We saw him in leather all through the UK dates.  Once he hit the mainland in Europe, it's been suit jacket all the way.  First a black jacket with black t-shirt and black jeans, now this blue jacket with black jeans and t-shirt.  At least he's keeping things interesting and I guess if you can't change the setlist, you may as well change jackets.

Which do you prefer.. Leather jacket or Suit jacket?
Photo by Jyske Bank Boxen

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Photo by Lars Møller


  1. Suit jacket as a treat now and then...but missing the leather now! He's more comfortable in the leather :D V.

  2. It's funny to me that Stevie is constantly blasted for a seemingly fixed wardrobe but Lindsay changes a jacket in 2 decades and people are just puzzled. Not trying to start a war or anything. Just an observation.

  3. Suit jacket ftw, no competition!

  4. I'm loving the suit jackets - and particularly this blue one. Much more flattering than the leather!

  5. Lindsey is still a very handsome man and looks great in a suit jacket. The leather look was tired and this blue jacked looks terrific.

    Especially since Stevie is so stuck on black nowadays. Someone should tell her that the older she gets the more wearing black only highlights the wrinkles on her face. She would look so much better wearing the pastel outfits she wore in the Tusk, Bella Donna, Mirage days. She still thinks black makes her look more slim, but lighter costumes would make the stage lights reflect more light on her face and make her look younger. Plus the fact that it has gotten so totally boring seeing her in only black all the time.

  6. I first fell in love with Fleetwood Mac during The Dance when Lindsey wore the black suit so seeing the suit again is so great! The blue suit coat is brand new, i think. I really love the leather and skinny jeans though. <3

  7. I've seen a clip somewhere of Stevie performing in light colours in the last year or two, and it made her look much older. I love the black on Stevie (it highlights her beautiful hair) and the suits on Lindsey - the look absolutely gorgeous together!!

  8. Possibly a birthday giftie from Miss Stevie??

    1. Lol. Except she forgot it was his birthday all together.

  9. The blue jacket must bring out the blue in his eyes if you're lucky enough to get up close and see :D <3