Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"From our Tribe to yours"... Stevie Nicks letter to her Brisbane fans

Letter provided by Rodney Ward
My Dearest Friends,

I am so so excited for you to see my little film.  It is, to say the least, the diamond in my very long career.  To be able to invite you into my house for a year never seemed to be very possible but as the days flew by, that is exactly what happened. We started in Feb. 2010 and finished in Feb. 2011.  Moments like this just don't come along very often (if ever) so I feel very lucky that the harmonic convergence of the stars happened for Dave and I and all the crazy people who were involved.  I hope you love it as much as we do.

From our Tribe to yours

Stevie Nicks & Dave Stewart

This letter from Stevie and Dave was given to everyone attending the In Your Dreams film premiere in Brisbane tonight (Nov 13th).  Stevie was initially scheduled to attend the premiere which was to include a Q&A but with circumstances surrounding the cancelled Fleetwood Mac AU/NZ tour, she had to cancel.

In Your Dreams screens again in Brisbane on November 15th. Buy Tickets


  1. I suspect this is the same letter getting shipped out with the DVD bundle. It would have been better if she had written something more "personal" apologizing for canceling her appearance in Brisbane.

    1. I've got to agree. It should have been more of a personalized letter with an apology.

  2. Totally AGREE wonder when we get our letter NZ!!!!!, still can not believe not a single band member has fronted up and spoken about the cancellation!!!

  3. Have a little respect people John Mcvie has cancer!! Right now she's probably not thinking clearly and I'm sure somewhere she's apologized for that stupid cancellation!! So inconsiderate!

  4. I don't think that letter is her personal apology. The comment on the festival website makes it sound like she was writing something personalized. This is just a generic letter relevant to the film, not the screening in Brisbane. But how long does it take Karen to scan a letter...? Or are they snail mailing it? lol

  5. It seems like Stevie just can't win. Things happen. I understand that it's disappointing but the constant criticizing and bashing isn't necessary. Does she have to write her "apology" that everyone believes she "owes" them in blood? Would that be enough? People need to grow up. There are other things in life that are far worse - like John having cancer........

  6. have to agree. all the allry cat grizzling! saucer of milk for you all.
    the cancellation of the tour is gut wrenching for the fans. but think of poor john and what he is dealing with.....get well soon john

  7. Get a life people. She has given enough Blood & Soul over the years! This is not the important thing here~ John is sick. Do ya get that??? You should be saying prayers or thinking positive thoughts his way~ Geesh!

  8. a lot of grumpy a holes here. the band owes you nothing, you all got your refunds. carry on and try being positive.