Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Listen to Stevie Nicks LIVE Tonight on 95.5 KLOS 6pm local time

Couple of upcoming interviews with Stevie... 

6:00pm TONIGHT - 95.5 KLOS she'll be on with Gary Moore speaking about the In Your Dreams Documentary.

Here's a loose rundown of what was talked about:

So Gary Moore kicked off the interview by asking Stevie straight away "what's the status with Fleetwood Mac" [This guy doesn't mess around].

Stevie said... Well, John is nearing the end of his treatment and is doing really well... saying he's strong... He's a sailor, he's sailed from LA to Fiji with 3 others on his boat, so he's basically a tough guy. She said she's not too worried about John at all, they caught it really early and she said he still needs to have a little operation, but thought it was really a small procedure - then some time to recover... Then talked about the 3 Fleetwood Mac shows beginning December 30th in Las Vegas, saying the first show is public and the last two on the 31st and January 8th are private shows. 

The next question was about Christine... Gary said he had read The Guardian interview where Christine said she'd like to come back if asked... Then said to Stevie has she been asked? Is this something that's going to happen?... or has it ALREADY happened?  Stevie kind of chuckled and said this whole thing is kind of crazy... and said Chris doesn't need to be asked... It's HER band! Then talked about the London shows and her coming to play and said that she talked with her and said you know this isn't as easy as it looks, it's grueling, it's a long show... So if you really want to come back, just be SURE about that.

They played Fleetwood Mac's "Say You Will"

Conversation moved on to Coven and her upcoming appearance. Gary asked what it was going to be about.  Stevie said she couldn't really tell him but she belongs to a secret society.... She said she initially was only to be there a couple of days but they asked her to extend her stay and she ended up staying in New Orleans for a week, which was great.  She loved watching the cast perform, she's never really been that close to anything like that so it was great... She basically reiterated what was in today's Rollingstone article.

Gary asked about Rhiannon and the whole association and Stevie told the story about how she wrote the song, used to announce it was about a Welch Witch, but then read the books and found out later that Rhiannon wasn't a witch... Stevie said people were asking her why on earth she would want to be associated with the show or why she wanted to be on it when it's far from the type of stuff she's all about... Stevie said she's done thousands of show.. She's recorded thousands of songs... She's done all that, and wanted to branch out and try something different and that something like this may never come around again...

They played Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon"

After the song and a break, they talk about Moonlight a Vampires Dream and Stevie tells the story about how the whole album came about beginning in Melbourne when she wrote and recorded the demo for the song... then came home and called Dave and said she didn't care if anyone bought it, she just wanted to make a solo album around this song that so twisted her mind.... 

Gary ended the interview asking what was after Coven... What are Fleetwood Mac's plans in the new year? and Stevie hesitated a bit and said she really didn't know, it all depends on John really... She said they should have been in Australia right now, she shouldn't even be here... so she really didn't know, they will do these 3 upcoming shows and will know more in January.

And that was about it. Gary ended the show telling the audience that Stevie will be at The Grove tomorrow at 7:00pm for the DVD signing... Good interview.

Download the full interview (Thanks nicole21290)

Listen to the interview via KLOS website

And it looks like on Thursday omg! Insider will be interviewing Stevie.


  1. This is not what we want to hear. If there is any bullshit in letting Christine McVie back into Fleetwood Mac then they are going to have a large part of their audience pissed off once and for all. It sounds like Stevie really doesn't want it anymore than Lindsey does. And I am shocked. How can they be so shortsighted? With John's illness, it only highlights that there may not be all that much time for them anyway and if they squander this chance I will never forgive them. I can't believe their egos are all so fragile that they all wouldn't be jumping at the chance for this. Very sad to hear Stevie say this, it may be the most disappointing thing she has ever said. It they don't know what this would mean to their fans, then they are delusional.

  2. It's not personal. It's business. (If you choose subscribe to that way of thinking. Although it's usually said by those with the most to gain....monetarily.) I wouldn't be surprised if Lindsey's and Stevie's lawyers are advising them against Christine's return. Time will tell.

  3. If Christine doesn't for any reason rejoin....
    I will never purchase anything they release again. Christine knows how touring works. I would dare say she's in the best health of any of them. We'll wait to see.

  4. Let's hope Stevie was misquoted. Or something. Could she really have been that uninviting to Christine, her "sister"?!?

  5. Wow, chill...Stevie doesn't even remotely say or suggest she does't want Christine back.

  6. I agree with the above post, Stevie NEVER said that she didn't want Christine to return. She just wanted Christine to make sure it was something that she really wanted to do. As far as her comment about coming back and then leaving, I don't blame her. The band would rehearse to tour with Christine's songs and then to have her back out at and decide it's not something she wanted to do after all, would be a lot of work on the band to regroup and re-create their set list. So, before you bash Stevie, you need to listen to what she is saying -

  7. As usual, a bunch of pathetic comments here by so-called fans who know what Lindsey and Stevie are thinking and who even seem to know the status of Christine's health in relation to the rest of the band! Grow up!

  8. Fans .....^^^^NOT worshipers, and not pathetic. True not one of us know the true health of any of them but, Chris did say in a not so distant uk interview on BBC2 that she felt 20 or 30, so, just going on that. Stop calling our comments pathetic. ...they come out of love for Christine.
    How dare you criticize! Fleetwood Mac fans are passionate. You should apologize as you know nothing about the sincerity of any one of us fans. Now that I listen to it I do think Stephanie's correct, it is HER band! As for the "DJ" calling Nicks a goddess, way over the top!. Btw I was 12 when I bought the White Album, do the math, maybe you should stop sometimes before you critize others for what they write. Talk about pathetic.

  9. Wow everyone should chill ... If Christine really wants to return to Fleetwood Mac then she will. It's like Stevie said, "it's her band." Stevie's comments weren't mean, they're just being taken out of context, and we don't really know how these interviews are edited before we get to hear/see them. Christine hasn't toured since 1998 and she has not been on stage for nearly three hours a night in I can't imagine how long. I'm sure after fifteen years Christine is very well-rested and in fine form, and her return would actually make things easier on Stevie and Lindsey because they wouldn't have to be in the lead the whole time.

    Also, re-integrating Christine's keyboard sound and her songs (even her old ones they already know) back into the set list would take at least a few weeks of solid rehearsal. Aside from "Don't Stop" and occasionally "World Turning" Fleetwood Mac hasn't performed a Christine McVie song since 1998 (although for some reason I'm thinking they attempted "Say You Love Me" at the very beginning of the Unleashed Tour and it was a disaster - could be wrong on that, though). All three writers would likely get an equal number of tracks in a new set list (or at least a semi-equal length) to balance out. The band wouldn't just pick six or seven tracks out of the current set list and then plug six of Christine's songs in. Everything has to flow.

    Finally, we're all Fleetwood Mac fans, that's why we're taking the time to post on this board. Let's all act like adults and have respect for one another's opinions. I would wager the band has been talking to Christine, especially since her comments and probably since her performance of "Don't Stop." If nothing's been finalized it would be incredibly premature for Stevie to say "Oh hell yeah she's coming back and we're thrilled." Also, this is the kind of thing the band would announce via press conference or at least a press release interviews with all five members - AFTER John's surgery and he's actually back.

  10. Stevie didn't say anything wrong at all. For years now we all heard Christine was done. Period. Now she was wrong? I think Stevie was right for telling her to be sure about how she feels. FM is great with or without her - if she says she is coming back and wants to work again, I hope she is sure. Would love to see her again but if I was Stevie or Lindsey, I would be cautious as well. If they announce she is joining them and then doesn't see it through, it could really throw a wrench in things.

  11. Drama queens. All over this post. What Stevie said is reasonable! Although I kinda want to say Stevie, Christine's in fighting shape. The only thing that *might* need a little work is warming up her voice, unless sings everyday!