Saturday, January 04, 2014

2014's biggest new album releases + Ten Rumoured Returns - Fleetwood Mac?

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From Katy B to the Boss, David Smyth sizes up the big new albums already announced for 2014 plus includes a list of the "Ten more rumoured returns" he includes Fleetwood Mac.

by David Smyth

Fleetwood Mac
Christine McVie appeared briefly on stage with them last year and has publicly expressed a desire to rejoin properly. There’s talk from their camp of an album in late summer, which would be their first in more than a decade, but it’s all very vague at the moment.


  1. I defiinately want to see them make another album with Christine!
    Strike while the Iron is hot, is what I say!

  2. its bound to be already cut just have to add christines vocals and songs

  3. YES!!!! "I Can Still Hear You Saying, You Would Never Break the Chain."

    "Lightening Strikes, Maybe Once, Maybe Twice" ... perhaps Three Times for Fleetwood Mac!

    "The River Goes On and On, and the Sea that Divides Us, is a Temporary One, and a Bridge Will Bring Us Back Together...Don't You Know That?" ~Christine McVie

  4. Christine will have to do her keyboard parts.
    I am sure they will all want to be in the studio together. Lindsey helps mold the songs but, christine has her own ideas as well. As does Stevie. Now that they have mellowed, it should fllow quickly like the white album. I expect it to be great.

  5. Don't stop thinking about...a miracle! I'll also hope Christine returns (on a new album)but only in full life power!! Everybody knows she has the respectfull age of 70. And also: Don't forget about the recovering of John


    YES! As Mac Ringleader Mick Fleetwood emphatically shouted at the end of the last 2013 New Years Eve performances in Las Vegas, “The MAC IS BACK!!!!” With Fleetwood Mac grossing nearly $100 Million Dollars performing 67 shows in 63 cities in 2013, landing them at No.14 on the Year End Top 20 Worldwide Tours tally, the Mac Tour was an ASTOUNDING success, selling out shows, and even attracting a fresh, much younger audience this time around. A major highlight of the world-wind tour was the Perfect Songbird Christine McVie rejoining her former band-mates in September 2013 for a run of shows in London, performing 'Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow,' only to fuel headlines and mass speculation of her imminent return; even hearkening back to January 1993, when then President Bill Clinton persuaded the disbanded group to regroup together and perform 'Don't Stop' for his Inaugural Ball. Makes one ponder if perhaps a President Hillary Clinton would possibly consider adding some political nostalgia to her own Inaugural Ball by calling on a newly rejoined Fleetwood Mac to perform in the near future?


    Indeed, Christine McVie has spoken candidly — and hopefully — in recent interviews about the possibility of rejoining Fleetwood Mac. “I like being with the band, the whole idea of playing music with them. I miss them all. If they were to ask me I would probably be very delighted… we’ll have to wait and see.” As of late, Christine said in a December 2013 interview that she has sent Lindsey Buckingham new songs, and Lindsey has stated previously that John, Mick, and he had gone into the studio sans Stevie and recorded several new tracks while Nicks was off promoting and touring with her latest solo album 'In Your Dreams.' It would seem as though all that's really needed for a fresh new Fleetwood Mac album is for Stevie to contribute a few songs, along with some Studio time for Christine and Stevie both to record and lay down vocals on the songs the band has already worked on.


    Back in December of 2012 Buckingham stated that “the rest of the band was geared up for a new album, even going as far as to record eight new songs,” a few of which were actually released on an EP titled 'Fleetwood Mac Extended Play' after Stevie Nicks went into the studio and recorded vocals on some of the tracks. Buckingham also stated in a September 2013 interview that “I know Warner Brothers is dying to get an album from us, even though we’re not signed to them anymore. Stevie needs to come to the table with some material. In order to contemplate a new album.” Perhaps with possible new compositions for the Mac contributed by Christine McVie, Stevie wouldn't have to bring but a few songs of her own material.


    As for Fleetwood Mac’s future recording plans, Christine McVie let it slip in a December 2013 UK Daily Mail interview that she has recently written new songs for the band. ‘I sent them to Lindsey and he loved them,’ she reveals. ‘You could hear his mind whirring, figuring how he could improve them, Mac them up.’ Then out of the blue, in that honeyed voice, she started to sing.

    ‘We’ve only just begun…’

    TO BE CONTINUED IN 2014...

  7. My wife and I met mick at the mandlelite bay casino and he told us some inside scoop about the bands near future in 2014 and more. All I am going to say is to the big fans is to save your pennys for what lies ahead. Mick I promised you I would not say nothing and I am keeping my promise. Brian from NH

  8. I think it's safe to say that 2014 will be good. Everything's shaping up nicely.

  9. Would love to see a new album from the Mac!

  10. Crap. I can't believe that bitch is back. What a bummer. And with songs?? More light-weight poppy crap.

  11. Stevie said on stage during her goodbyes in Las Vegas on Dec. 30th that they would be back next year, so maybe the album and another tour with Chris is going to happen. Let's hope so ! ! !

  12. To the above annonymous poster, you really need to do a better job trolling by making it just slightly less obvious.

  13. This potential late summer Mac album w/Christine is a very exciting development!! Initially, It was really disappointing that Stevie didn't want to record a FM record w/ Lindsey & the boys in 2012, and barely contributed to FMs 2013 EP (besides her BN era "Without You"). But now, from this vantage point, it would seem her intuition about a new FM record (esp. w/o Christine) was spot on & sensible, especially considering that the EP barely made any inroads or garnered much attention. My only hope is that if this new FM record w/ the "Rumours" era transpires, is that Stevie finally gets equal representation song-wise, and not just regulated to 3 contributiuons to Christine's 4 and Lindsey's 5 and so on, as was always the case. All 3 songwriters should get 4 songs each.
    Heres looking forward to 2014!!

  14. I'm calling it now...I see a double album coming. Lindsey was pushing for it very hard back during Say You Will, but they weren't convinced there was enough commercial demand. This is the perfect opportunity with the Rumours line-up reforming and FM's current hot streak. This album is a big deal! Gotta strike while the iron is hot!

  15. No way will a double album happen now! They would lose money on that, not to mention the record industry is in the proverbial toilet, and still continuing to decline year after year! Heck, the biggest selling record of 2013 only sold @2.5 million! So even with Christine back in the fold, FM would be lucky to just sell gold, selling platinum would be considered a runaway success.
    Besides, even though the die-hards initially loved SYW having 18 songs, in retrospect, even most would agree it was bloated, even moreso for the general public & critics. I would like to see a solid 12 song release (ideally 4 from each songwriter) An album that's whittled down to just the best from each writer.

  16. I think that a 2014 studio album from the band would reach #1 globally as the band are extremely popular right now and they are constantly on the charts in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and the U.K. It would be close to gold sales in the U.S. and would no doubt go at least gold in the U.K.

  17. Include 'Sad Angel' and 'Miss Fantasy' (if not all EP songs) on the new album, and give them their deserved shots at airplay/charts