Saturday, April 12, 2014

ON SALE TODAY: FLEETWOOD MAC Tickets for NYC, Los Angeles, Boston and Philadelphia

Due to overwhelming demand, Fleetwood Mac has added additional dates in Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Philadelphia to their “On With The Show” tour.

ON SALE TODAY - April 12, 2014 at 10am - New York City, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.  On sale at 11am - Boston.  All tickets available at Ticketmaster

New Dates Include:
10/07 -- New York City *2nd SHOW*
10/25 -- Boston *2nd SHOW*
10/29 -- Philadelphia *2nd SHOW*
12/06 -- Los Angeles - *3rd SHOW*

See all Fleetwood Mac Tour Dates HERE or at


  1. The reason I didn't get tix for the first Philly show was because it was a Wednesday. So's the 2nd one. Grumble.

  2. Hopefully, we'll see a second Toronto show. I missed the first go-around and the show's sold out!

  3. Where is the 2nd Chicago show?

  4. We need another show in Chicago

  5. I have a ticket for October 7th in New York City that I am trying to sell. I have it listed for resale on Ticketmaster and on Stubhub but I am willing to negotiate a price with someone from this site if they want the ticket! It's Section C, Row 9, Seat 17 (so a really good ticket).

  6. For Toronto, they opened four sections behind the stage. No, thank you. Not paying that much money to sit behind the stage. Still waiting for second show...

  7. Stevie talks about music piracy destroying the industry. $700+ for a "resale" ticket is worse than taking music from the internet. If they keep allowing these scam "resales" there will be nothing left of the industry. Who participates in this with a clear conscious? Real fans would love these seats down front and unfortunately they are being sold to people who only want to make a ridiculous profit. I hope people realize how ridiculous this is.

  8. So I guess you don't want my ticket?