Saturday, May 03, 2014

Photo: Dave Stewart and Waddy Wachtel at the mixing desk working on new Stevie Nicks album

Photo: Dave Stewart

Things appear to be moving along quickly... Today, Dave posted a picture on Facebook of himself and producing partner Waddy Watchel at the mixing desk working on Stevie's new album.  Which to me indicates the recording is done and they are at the mixing stage... or does that happen as you move along during the recording process?

"at the mixing desk with my great pal and producing partner Waddy Wachtel for 
Stevie Nicks new album"


  1. Stevie can do whatever she wants, but, I find it extremely self-centered that she is not focusing on the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour and whatever music they will be recording....

  2. Stevie Nicks has given more of herself over the years to FM then she should have. She toured last year with them. That should have met all FM obligations. That Christine McVie suddenly decides to re-appear. Let them tour with her. I don't think you really comprehend that there is more support and more Stevie fans out here then FM anymore. And I feel confident in saying if not for SN's and LB, there wouldn;t even be a FM today! GO Stevie... Besides, they wouldn;t tour with any new music. If anyone is being money hungry self centered...maybe the attenetion should fall to Mick and CM!!!

  3. You know this notion that everything is a competition between band members is garbage! I just feel that this is a celebratory time with Christine's return to the band along with both Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks (solo) making new music!

    WE ARE SO LUCKY to still have all the forces in the band willing and able to continue to put out material (Although not as much as we would prefer) and tour... This competition notion is clearly within the fan community, not with the band members. THAT is what I find self-centered! Putting Stevie against Lindsey, or Stevie against Fleetwood Mac is pure conjecture! It's the fans that have the issues and I think they should look at themselves rather then read into or decipher every single bit of information that comes out. We don't know what commitments Stevie made prior to Christine's return. We also don't know what she plans to do with her time after Nashville up to rehearsals that are supposed to begin in August. A number of months remain for her to inject herself back into the band.

    My advise to everyone would be just to chill the heck out! Have respect for each of the band members. Each is an individual that brings something different to the band. Each has strengths and weaknesses, but only together do we have Fleetwood Mac... You don't have to love them all, but you can appreciate them! So many artists have been lost, bands have broken up or they lose interest and just fade away... Fleetwood Mac continues to evolve.

  4. To say there are more stevie fans than Fleetwood Mac fans is plain hogwash.
    Made up hearsay from someone delusional. It just might be again that ya don't know that she's not dedicated to the mac album. I am less and less a stevie fan as I grow older. Christine could easily outshine stevie if it were in her nature. Christine has had more hits for this band than all of the groups songwriters put together. I wish everyone would stop all the Christine bashing....I found an old YouTube interview where stevie in on her post klonopin tour, and she praises Christine immensely. I just wish people would finally recognize the contribution Christine has made to this band. The 5 of them are magic. End of story

  5. Okay so Christine bails out on the band in '97...Stevie stays with the boys and records and tours all of these years...Stevie is also very vocal about missing Christine...even says Christine should be offered 5 million to come back (which Christine verified in a recent Rolling Stone interview)...and yet she is still made the villain by all the Stevie-Haters.... at one moment you take the opportunity to bash Stevie and it is "Christine could easily outshine Stevie" ...and then at the end "The 5 of them are magic. End of Story"...make up your mind. Stevie has every right to work on her solo album, just as Saint Christine had every right to quit in '97...

  6. Don't forget stevie left for 4 years, that is also on the interview. No one is bashing anybody. Together they are magic. As I grow older I like stevie less, I used to like them all the same. Individually, they are all different. Christine went for 28 years straight. She deserved a break. Personally my point is that together they are magic.
    I'm not certain why people wish to put one person as a group over the other. No one cares about miss. Nicks recording. I don't.
    I'm saying when this new Mac album comes out and you see see them onstage Christine contribution will finally be noticed. Wait until it comes out!😊
    As regards being busy Nicks recorded 9 songs for say you will 10 if u count deluxe.
    And did harmony and background on three tracks for the mac. 3 tours yes but hardly busy as a mac member. I love them all but muck John and Christine will always be my fave.

  7. Christine is the real songbird. I just can't believe anyone would get so wrapped up in this. We all have the right to choose who we care about as memebers. And Christine deserved a break she's been doing music since she was 16. I can't argue about members, just be glad we're getting an album.

  8. The 5 of them are an enseble. No one is bashing stevie but, Christine paid her dues and missed home. It certainly gave stevie and Lindsey more opportunity to record solo material. Get a life.

  9. All of this hatred towards Stevie is pathetic. I think they are all at an age where they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. People get too excited over nothing and then start to get nasty about it. This is true: the fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion,