Friday, May 09, 2014

Photos: Lindsey Buckingham spotted in the studio with Empire Of The Sun

"spent the day with one of my heroes Lindsay Buckingham.
I wish all superstars were this cool."
Lindsey in the studio with Peter Mayes and Empire Of The Sun?

Not sure what this is all about... The only info is that the colour photo is from May 8th and the black and white photo is from May 9th. Posted to Peter Mayes instagram account.

Peter Mayes is an Australian musician and producer widely known for being a leading member of dance act Pnau. He is longtime collaborator with Nick Littlemore and has produced and mixed many of his projects, most notably the platinum selling album Walking on a Dream, for Empire of the Sun, and the art-rock act Teenager. He has also done work with Elton John, Mika, Karen O, The Killers, Ellie Goulding, Sia, ESG, Lover Lover and Van She.

"Lindsay Buckingham in the studio again today"

"Happy Times with Lindsay Buckingham and Empire of the Sun"

"Lindsey Buckingham , Will Buckingham , Empire of the Sun and @mosessumney"
Photo: Nick Littlemore


  1. Yet, another mystery. We are being doused by the unknown.

  2. Looks to me like he's just adding work to an Empire in the Sun project. Love it.

  3. Hey, I"m loving all the mystery. It's a great time to be fan of this group of people. So much is going on in their lives.

  4. Love this!! He's not slowing down anytime soon!

  5. He can't be this guy's hero when he called him "LINDSAY"

  6. Someone should fix the photo captions... it's Lindsey, not Lindsay.

  7. I think he might have hooked up with these guys via Mark Needham, who mixed SAY YOU WILL and who's been at Village with them. Mr. Needham has worked with the Killer and others in this musical circle...

  8. Young Will is spitting image of his dad. Good looking lad. Good to see a photo of him with his famous father. I love all the mystery. Can't wait to see what it is about.