Tuesday, October 18, 2016

INTERVIEW Stevie Nicks speaks with Keith Caulfield of Billboard Magazine

Pop Shop Podcast featuring: Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow
Billboard co-director of charts Keith Caulfield and senior editor Katie Atkinson interview Stevie Nicks.

We spoke to the legendary Stevie Nicks a little while back, and in our conversation, we talk about her upcoming tour, her 24 Karat Gold album, how she compiled the set list for the show and the possibility of a new Fleetwood Mac album from the classic Rumours-era lineup of the band. Plus, Nicks discusses how she’s “heartbroken” that she’ll never be able to perform her famed hit “Stand Back” with Prince, as the song was inspired by the Purple One’s single “Little Red Corvette.”

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  1. Even though there's not much 'NEW' information here, and good LORD can Stevie ramble and ramble (lol), it's still a fun interview. Nice to hear her cuss a little, too! I wish he would have delved a little deeper to see if she is planning to do any of TOSOTM or Street Angel on this tour, but I guess we'll know next week at this time!

    ALSO - **PLEASE** wear some NEW costumes on this trek, Stevie. Your pant suits are begging to be retired. And it's okay NOT to be in black the entire time. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we would love to see you in blues and reds and pink! Give us SOMETHING new (or better yet, wear some old stuff we haven't seen in 30 years!).

  2. Lindsey and Christie have been writing and recording new Fleetwood Mac songs for at least 2 years... Stevie has have some clue about a new Fleetwood Mac album in the works. Hopefully they get Stevie in a studio for at least a week or two to do harmony vocals for Lindsey and Christie's new Fleetwood Mac songs.

    Stevie needs to forget about the past studio experiences and realize things have changed... Lindsey and Christie McVie are having a good time in the studio. Fleetwood Mac's lawyer needs to talk to Stevie's lawyer as soon as possible to cut a deal and make a new Fleetwood Mac album happen!

  3. Everyone knows that Fleetwood Mac will record another new album. This is just typical "Fleetwood Mac DRAMA" that they've been churning out to us for 20 years.

    I keep saying this, but, Stevie WILL WANT Fleetwood Mac to have a *proper* send off and farewell. BUT, as she said in this interview, she's been with them for the past 3 years. She wants to do her own thing now. And so, she is.

    I think the world is beyond ready to get a new FM album. I think on this go round they're going to really focus on the production of the vocal harmonies between the three singers. I *LOVED* when Christine suggested that she and Stevie write songs for the other one to sing...THOSE are the type of ideas that will help really cement and bring to a close the studio-recording catalog of Fleetwood Mac and leave everyone on a positive note that says, "Even though we've had our ups and downs in the past, in the end we were able to come together and create something magical."

    It can be very metaphoric for the world we live in today.

    A beautiful close to an enchanted story that the world will never experience again.

  4. It's going to be great to be at a Stevie Nicks concert again!! I love Stevie but why are tickets so expensive? It's been a long while since I haven't been able to purchase a close up ticket to Steve. Why most the whole front sections be VIP tickets? Tickets are so inflated even for the nose bleed which sell out quickly because there are so few of them. Then add service, facility and parking fees you pay twice as much for the nosebleed tickets. Sad that this may be my last concert ever. Still holding out though.

  5. As far as Stevie's wardrobe, I LOVE all her black pants, skirts, jackets, etc. They are much the same but all different, as my own black wardrobe is. I have no complaints. I do love her in the burgundy and dark reds, but I'm good with all the black. I would, however, like to see a good full-length photo of the gorgeous gray chiffon "ball" gown she had on near the end of IN YOUR DREAMS film. What a waste to not see it fully. Wear what you want, please, but next time please book my city :(((((

  6. PLEASE film this for future release for all of your long-time, loyal fans who cannot attend a show!!!!