Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PHOTOS | VIDEO: Stevie Nicks Dancing With The Stars

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, multi-Grammy award winner and living legend Stevie Nicks came to perform two songs. Loved how she got into the spirit of “DWTS” with her skirt of many fabrics and chain mail on her gloves, and that lasso move that she made at the end of her performance of her single “Secret Love,” which featured bare-chested Dmitry Chaplin making sweet ballroom love to Anna Trebunskaya on the judges table, as well as Peta Murgatroyd and bare-chested Damian Whitewood. Stevie followed that up with a rendition of the classic Fleetwood Mac hit “Landslide,” with Cheryl and Tony Dovolani in classic black and white doing a classic rumba on the dance floor. Did I mention how classic this was? Also instant classic: the fact that Stevie had chains on her microphone stand, which only solidified the “DWTS” rock star that she is.

Los Angeles Times | On The Red Carpet

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  1. just love her...watching and listening to this again , reaffirms my feelings from last night though. Landslide was so beautiful and perfectly sung, and Secret was relatively rough by comparison, although not as bad as I remembered. The music was more sparse and not as fully realized, but she was still belting it out like a rock song, whereas , if she had gone softer, and sweeter it would have been better vocally and possibly not strained her voice, which is obviously still recovering. The single is recorded perfectly and in concert last week it was ramped up to be more of a rocker, which was cool and appropriate, but she needed to pull back for this --more delicate and nuanced, as tv is more intimate by nature. Hand gestures too. I understand in concert she is trying to fill a vast space and stage, but on tv, the slightest gesture can be effective. Otherwise it comes off a little corny.
    Landslide was perfect...perfect.

  2. Loved it, loved it, loved it! Made me cry...

  3. As I remember, this is the place to state how wonderful Stevie is and how much we love her. I for one, think she is wonderful. But, if I'm being honest, brutally honest, I think Secret Love sounded horrible. I was cringing. I thought it sounded terrible on Oprah too. You know, Talk to Me never really translated well live either. Someone else commented about the hand gestures during Secret Love. I think they look incredibly "loungey." So, Stevie has put out one of the best records of her career, but these live performances of Secret Love certainly can't be helping sales any.

  4. I agree that she should do a different song from the album now... I do think that secret love is a great song and its goes really well live in a bigger venue but I think for TV something more intimate would be better for her... the way she sung landside was stellar.... and she is still recovering as we all know lol. Maybe Italian Summer would be good... but that last note might be a little hard to do live.... or Moonlight would be nice to hear... but still I think she is rocking

  5. We love her performance of Landslide. It was beautiful. Her hand gestures were cool too and she was wearing our amazing Fingerless Leather and Chain Mesh Gloves.