Tuesday, October 09, 2012

ARRIVAL PHOTOS: Stevie Nicks at Led Zeppelin "Celebration Day" Film Premiere NYC

Stevie Nicks arrives for the Premiere of Led Zeppelin's film "Celebration Day" in New York
October 9, 2012

 Above two photos by Carlo Allegri

Led Zepplin Celebration Film Premiere NYC
photo by Andrea Mineo CNN


  1. This certainly resonates, since I just got through playing a great Robert Plant/Zeppelin set:

    (1): Trouble your Money
    (2): Too Loud
    (3): Thru' With the Two Step
    (4): Sixes and Sevens
    (5): Little By Little
    (6): Kallalou Kallalou
    (7): Horizontal Departure
    (8): Hip to Hoo
    (9): Going to California
    (10): Big Log

    ... segue into Dreams from 25 Years the Chain...

  2. Who's responsible for making sure Stevie's nose hair is trimmed properly before making public appearances? They should be fired immediately.

  3. Are you seriously looking that close into her nostrils??? Lol, I bet your just purfect yourself!

  4. This has been a sobering week for me. In my mind, there are three truths about Stevie Nicks that make her truly magical to me:

    1. She doesn't have nose hair
    2. She doesn't kill people
    3. She doesn't defecate

    Two out of three isn't bad, but still – it's been a rough week.

  5. I didn't notice her nose hair situation but I hope this situation is under better control than on her appearance on Rhonda Shears' "UP All Night!"

  6. NOSE hair??? EEEwwwww!

  7. Rock on, ancient queen... Follow those who keep your nose/hair/nail appointments!

  8. Granny Nicks is the best singer-entertainer in the world!

  9. Every human being has nose hairs - the hairs you see in this photo aren't protruding or obvious. It's the terrible angle of the camera.

    Your nose hairs would be the same or worse if your photo was taken at this angle!

  10. You're so right, Joseph (are you related to Elliot or Jason.. just a "nosehair' away from BABS? Just the thought of it makes me all verklempt!). Uh, back to topic. My nose hairs would be scary indeed, at that crazy angle!

    P.S. I LOVE BABS (who detests that name) AND STEVIE!

  11. Um...I looked at the photos and didn't see nose hair. I guess Nicki Minaj trolls are here trying to diss and degrade Stevie on a very base level.

    Leave now!!!

  12. Who is Babs?????? soomeone explain.

  13. maybe minaj better check her low lying tops she wears her rack is about to fall out of hers tops that she wears. is this her only way she can get people to look at her because she is ugly as a boot. and this is the only way she gets people to be fans of hers. shows off her body sorry don't cut it for me.

  14. minaj u know what cuts it for me someone who is naturally beautiful and has the best voice in the world.