Monday, October 08, 2012

Photos | Video: Stevie Nicks Pleasantville Documentary Screening & Q&A

Stevie Nicks - Jacob Burns Film Center
In Your Dreams Screening and Q&A
 Photo above by @stacyknows and below @DailyMonroe

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Photos above by R_in_burbs

Watch the interview on youtube in six parts.
Thank you Granitedog!

Couple of interesting points other then everything Stevie talked about.
° She'll be attending the NYC premiere of Celebration Day, the Led Zepplin film that chronicles the band’s 2007 reunion concert at London’s 02 Arena.  The premiere takes place at the Ziegfeld Theater on Tuesday night.  And according to what she said at today's Q&A she'll be with the Zepplin boys.
° Stevie does not like the fact that Ken Caillat wrote his book "Making Rumours".  She feels it's not his place to tell their (Fleetwood Mac's) story and said that she refused to take his numerous calls where he was calling to interview her on 'her' story. 
° Also, Stevie confirmed that Fleetwood Mac go into rehearsals at the end of February, 2013.


  1. Yes...At Q&A today, Stevie said she was flying into NYC from Pleasantville (her bags were already in NYC and she said she really did not know where in NY she actually was-geographically, anyway)...Pleasantville is less than an hour drive (or faster by helicopter) to midtown NYC...Just take a limo and let Karen sit back....I'm in NYC tomorrow and I am not going to the Zep thing...that might look like I was a stalker...3 days in a row. OMFG. No.

  2. ARG I wish i could have gotten a ticket to this. She seemed a little more candid than at HIFF. I was going to make a 3 hour drive to give their "unclaimed ticket line" a try but decided against it.

    Were all the seats taken?

  3. ^^ Nope. Plenty of seats remaining. You missed out.

  4. She sure looks trim~~!
    Sorry, but I am still hoping that something happens and February finds Stevie Nicks working on another new solo project!!!

  5. DAMMIT! Can't believe there were SEATS left!!!!!!! Crying right now.

  6. I'm really surprised there were seats left. The event was sold out unless there were a bunch of no-shows and no rush line up prior to the event. Too bad cause a lot would have driven up from NY I'm sure.