Wednesday, December 19, 2012

18 Fleetwood Mac Shows Now SOLD OUT of Mick Fleetwood VIP Meet & Greets w/Guaranteed 1st Five Row Tickets

These are the venues reporting sell-outs of the top tier VIP Experience Tickets ($425) where you get to meet Mick Fleetwood and sit in the first 5 rows during Fleetwood Mac.  There are two packages offered.  Both are the same in terms of content, except for the seating.  The $425 tickets get you a seat within the first 5 rows.  The $375 tickets get you a ticket within the first 20 rows and typically start around 10th row.  Five shows are reporting complete sell-outs, Columbus, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Louisville.  There are still VIP tickets for the first 5 and 20 rows at all other venues - but not a lot.  This is a pretty good deal for a Fleetwood Mac fan when you consider Ticketmaster is selling premium tickets in the first few rows for more then what Mick is offering, but with the Ticketmaster tickets, you don't get to meet Mick!  Check out if you are interested.  Simply register and log in and purchase your ticket... I did!
  • Ticket in First 5 Rows
  • VIP Entry to Venue
  • VIP Host for the Evening
  • Meet & Greet with Mick Fleetwood
  • VIP Q&A with Mick Fleetwood onstage at his Drum Kit
  • Personal Photo with Mick Fleetwood
  • Mick Fleetwood VIP Laminate
Sold out Mick Fleetwood Meet and Greet VIP Experience Cities.  

$375 Sold Out | $425 Sold Out - Columbus
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Philadelphia
$375 Sold Out | $425 Sold Out - New York City
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Washington DC
$375 Sold Out | $425 Sold Out - Louisville
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Uncasville
$375 Sold Out | $425 Sold Out - Chicago
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Toronto
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Boston
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Pittsburgh
$375 Sold Out | $425 Sold Out - Los Angeles
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Las Vegas
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Anaheim
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Dallas
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Houston
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Tampa
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Atlanta
$375 Available | $425 Sold Out - Vancouver


  1. Got 4th row center for Atlanta through this. Well worth the money, in my opinion.

  2. Being cynical gets boring and I'm trying to cut down, but just this:

    Sure, the VIP meet, greet seats are sold out- they were bought by the band's management, by the tour promoter, or by ticket scalpers, to resell at even higher prices. Days before the show, any tickets not resold ''will'' become available at face value, minus meeting Mick. Be patient. Pre-sales are bogus, which was confirmed again this year, and it's my experience that you can get first 8 rows if you wait it out until days before the concert.

    This ''sold out'' tactic is also an attempt to create an illusion that this is a top selling tour, the week before the holidays. Oh, sure. The real world is not all worked up about this tour yet. People are not out of their minds to pay months in advance for a band well into their 60's, it's strategy to make the band seem as in demand as ever and not senior citizens, which they all are. Nothing wrong with being old, but Fleetwood Mac not a band that is in any way in 'huge' demand, at this moment: Such advance hype as the 10 cities being sold out of the VIP seating is all a part of the ugly part of the concert industry.

    The US public has a lot of important things on their minds other than paying $425 for one ticket to get up close for a Fleetwood Mac concert next year. This is all the work of the promoter and management, and possibly of a publicist representing the band. Perhaps, some tickets ''were'' bought as holiday gifts, from one spouse to another, for both of them, maybe. 90% went to scalpers or representatives of the promoter or the band. Madonna does it, too. On the day of her Detroit show this year, a pal got a $450 seat for $60 for her- 5th row- ticket went back to ticketmaster. "How was the show?-- 'Well, I wouldn't say it was worth $60!' Mac atleast give good concerts, but it's still the same ugly money game.

    Happy Holidays, everyone.
    And to those fans who did buy the VIP meet and greets, you will have a wonderful time and deserve to. I'm sure it will be a good show.

  3. ^

    ''is not'' and ''at least'' and also 'nothing GREAT about being old, either!'

    Otherwise, perfectly ridiculous, as ever.

  4. Im not so sure that Micks tickets went to scalpers, im sure tickets purchased traditionally were scooped up and are now up for inflated prices. With Micks tickets all the tickets bought are held at will call at the venue and the name on the registered acct (On Micks site) that purchased the tickets needs to match the photo id you need to provide to gain entry. You also cant reasign the tickets to another name. All this im sure to curb a certain amount of good seats going to scalpers for resale.

  5. wow very well said Anonymous. I was wondering why people were clamoring to get tix over 6 months in advance of the show. You are spot on as far as FM's place in the industry today. I am a HUGE fan but will be taking my chances and getting my tix either a few weeks or days in advance.

  6. I bought my vip tickets in boston but I just think this is not the way u treat your big fans who have been devoted to fleetwood mac or ever buckingham & nick fans for years. In this bad economic world today. its all about money& greed and thats the problem with this world today and I hope that the members of the band directly were not involved in this scam. there can be a fan club set up but I blame fleetwood mac management for that so maybe there is some truth to this. I give Tom petty and his management team credit they have this fan club set up for a small fee but u get the best seats in the house for face value and thats the way u treat for fans who have supported your band for years, because without them, would they be well off today.

  7. Sure, these are pricey packages. However, if you can afford it, do it. If not, save until you can. If you were a TRUE fan, it would not matter where you sat. Or who you met, for that matter. I have the $425 package for this tour. Last tour, we did the expensive one, as well. I am thankful for it, because I saved for it. We could not get the seats we wanted through Ticketmaster. So, we saved our money and eventually bought these. This as amazing deal.