Tuesday, September 30, 2014

STREAM The NEW Stevie Nicks Album NOW! at AMAZON

Stream the new album
24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault 
Now at Amazon.
Listen to the entire new Stevie Nicks album (14 Song Standard Version) through October 6th.

Pre-order the mp3 version of the Album from Amazon for only $7.00 and receive 4 songs today 
"The Dealer", "Lady", "Starshine" and "24 Karat Gold". 

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. It was A WASTE OF MONEY. Why? Because you can make the purchase on amazon, but NO...it does NOT let you stream the entire album. Yeah, thanks. Thanks A LOT.

  2. Far more interesting album than "In Your Dreams." I'd say a good 7-8 real gems and only a few that don't quite measure up, although none are bad.

  3. I think it sounds great! I think it's really hard to know what to expect from those little clips, so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out... so happy!

  4. @Jake, actually you do not need to purchase the album in order to stream it. I know it's rather misleading...and confusing. In order to stream it, you only need to press the green play button next to the title, and it doesn't always work the first time...and completely ignore the player pop up link. Amazon did a terrible job with this.

  5. I love this. As much as I like "In your dreams," I think this is a better album. Stevie's voice sounds fantastic. And the music seems more old school Stevie Nicks. The musicianship on the album is gorgeous. So awesome Amazon is streaming this a week early!!!!!

  6. @ Jake, I just streamed the entire album 3 times in a row. No problems.

  7. Why is there any complaint here? It's Stevie!!!

  8. Interesting that Amazon is streaming the album yet someone says they did a bad job...fact is, they didn't have to stream it all. Another case of "you can't win". Maybe the person who can't find the link did a bad job looking for it?

    1. Actually, Amazon didn't have to stream it. Stevie's camp could have found someone else to do it. Rolling stone did it for IYD and did a better job at it.

  9. When Stevie released "In Your Dreams" a few years ago, you know it was going to be good. She could not contain her enthusiasm and she boasted repeatedly that it was the best thing she had ever done. And, as it turned out, she was not far off of the mark. With 24KG, Stevie's enthusiasm is significantly more tempered, as if this was something that she was simply forced to produce and release under duress- both by fans and her label. "Here ya go, I finally did it. Hope ya like it." Obviously the new album is still fresh to my ears, but I have to admit that it doesn't grab me the way IYD did. While I do appreciate the rawer approach, I think the album definitely needed some more time to get polished up. There are some songs that are way too long (Lady, I Don't Care) and there are some wobbly vocals here and there (Lady, Dealer) that made me cringe a little. The pacing is a bit plodding in places (e.g., If You Were My Love, Dealer), and overall I have to admit that I grew weary of hearing Stevie screech out high notes that are clearly no longer in her comfortable range.

    All that being said, OMG, the song "24K Gold" is genius. This song should have been the sonic/atmospheric template for the entire album.

  10. I don't think this album sounds rushed at all. I actually feel it's amazing how awesome the entire album sounds. And screechy? Wow, I think Stevie's vocals sound fabulous here, and love how animated she sounds. Steviie seems very excited about it, actually. Watch the interviews. This album was recorded in the same short amount of time as her first 2 solo albums, and thankfully it wasn't "polished," more(RE: OVER-PRODUCED). The album is perfect the way it is....A return to roots rock and roll album by Stevie Nicks!! I am in love with this new music.

  11. Today is the first day I listened to the album and I simply adore how she paid respect to the original demos.

    Those Nashville musicians kicked ass - the playing is simply spectacular.

    There are many comments about her voice but I think she sounds uh-mazing on this release. Face it - her voice has changed over the years but considering she has stretched her vocal cords, did massive amounts of drugs, smoked cigarettes and joints and toured almost non-stop for 40+ years, she still has that signature, instantly recognizable Stevie sound that no one will ever be blessed to emulate.

    To the person that , based on a 10 second clip claimed Stevie botched "Blue Water", you have further lost credibility because the song retains its innocent yearning and heart break of the demo and the background vocals of Lady A and the Nashville musicians kick-ass playing takes a brilliant demo and creates an even more brilliant release.