Thursday, May 14, 1998

Nicks’ box set has finally arrived! Enchanted: The Works of Stevie Nicks

Q&A: Stevie Nicks
Rolling Stone interviews Fleetwood Mac's white witch
MAY 14, 1998

LOOK, WE LOVE LINDSEY AND CHRISTINE and the gang, but, let’s face it, that Fleetwood Mac tour was all about Stevie Nicks: white witch, Gemini, ex-cheer-leader, poetess, former three-pack-a-day smoker, Miami Vice fan, one-time hostess at Bob’s Big Boy, friend to Billy Corgan and Courtney Love, fashion icon. The accolades continue with Legacy: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours,” in which folks like Elton John, Jewel and Matchbox 20 salute Rumours‘ classic tunes; but, more exciting, Nicks’ box set has finally arrived! Enchanted: The Works of Stevie Nicks, culled from her six solo albums, contains eight previously unavailable tracks; a new single, “Reconsider Me”; and a booklet chock-full o’ photos and personal reminiscences. “This is my heart,” she writes. “This is my work; it has been enchanting. I wouldn’t change a thing.” Nicks chats with us from her Phoenix home, where she has just returned from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

And what did you buy?
Two floor lamps and some silky white panels to wrap around my pole bed. I’m not doing a lot because I’m really trying to rest. I started working on this box set the day I got home from the Fleetwood Mac tour. If you’re a Stevie Nicks fan, you’ll probably really like this.

There is a lot in this box set, Stevie.
It’s a lot of music, and it’s all my intense songs. It’s very heavy. You have to be in the right mood for it. I have to be in the right mood for my music. I tend to listen to slow jazz on the radio. The first thing I do when I get to a hotel is look for jazz stations, because I can dance around to that – I can be happy and sing my own words. I can’t be intensed-out by rock & roll all the time. I have too much going on in my life that is intense enough.

Do you rock out to CDs?
When I rock out, I usually play tapes I’ve made over the years – all the big songs through the Eighties and the beginning of the Nineties. I can’t really listen to a whole CD. I’m gonna have two or three favorites and that’s all. Hey, I’m almost fifty [laughs]. I’m an old woman.

Now, you stop with that.
You can only rock out so much. Then you have to go rest. I also make [tapes] for the treadmill.

I thought you watched Miami Vice on the treadmill.
I do, but Miami Vice isn’t on quite as often as it was before.

Let’s go back to you saying you’re an old lady. You don’t really feel that way.
Well, I’m tired. I am tired. The tour was actually easier for me than coming home and doing two months of TV things. We did the Brit Awards, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, then the Grammys. I was the most nervous for that.

Let’s talk about the tour.
It was an incredible experience. We played forty-five concerts, we made a lot of money, I think we made a lot of people happy. We never had any fights. It just went by like a whirlwind.

Do you feel melancholy at all, now that it’s over?
Six months before we re-formed, I would have told you in my own psychic way that there was no possible way that Fleetwood Mac would have ever gotten back together. So I’d never say it’s not ever going to happen again.

How are relations with Lindsey?
He and I are probably better friends than we’ve been in a long, long time. We had some really nice talks and some nice moments that were sweet.

Your solo tour begins at the end of May.
This is going to be a different set than I’ll ever do again. I’m going to put some of the cool things from the box set in it – some of the country songs, acoustic things, really neat stuff. We’re going on the bus this time, and it will be a fabulous one, otherwise I won’t go on it.

Your fashion influence continues. Even Madonna is copying you.
People have been telling me that, and I don’t know quite what to say. I saw her video, and, of course, I loved all her black clothes and the long, long, long black hair. And the birds were interesting. But I didn’t immediately go, “Oh, how me.” But some people are saying that, right?

Absolutely. Are there still plans for you and Billy Corgan to collaborate?
Billy is recording in L.A. When I get home next week, I’ll go visit him. Both of us have been totally, totally working.

What about your next solo album?
Well, I spent three years writing songs after the Street Angel tour. I probably have six songs, so I’ll come home to Phoenix in September to write the other six. I can do anything here. I can record, I can write. I can sit by the pool. I can draw. My house here is like my own little resort. At midnight, if I want to, I can go in, light candles and put a fire in the fireplace and spend two hours writing.

Fireplace? In that heat?
We just crank the air conditioner.

Do you swim in that pool?
I do.

I can’t picture you in a bathing suit.
Yeah, well, you never will [laughs].

It has to be customized in that special Stevie way.
I get a black bathing suit and a fabulous black-lace sarong thing and kind of tie it around me. And there is never, ever, a man in the back yard. If there is, he is banished to the front of the house.

Please, you’re looking fabulously thin.
It’s not a question of weight. It’s dancing across the stages of the world for two and a half hours for those three months. My body kind of changed from all the dancing. And, you know, the tambourine playing.